Lindsay Duff is an entrepreneur, coach, day trader, and the founder of Uprofit trader and Responsible Day Trading. Both platforms provide users with a funded trading account and easily accessible information about the stock market and trading opportunities.

Early Life and Education

Lindsay was born in 1977 to a working-class family in Sugar Land, Missouri, Texas. She was raised by her parents, who instilled a strong work ethic and a passion for learning.

Lindsay attended the University of Houston, where she studied Criminal Justice and earned a degree. After graduating, the single mother of two worked as a bartender at Chuy’s for a while until 2003, when she came across an opportunity that later turned out to be a life-changing success for her because she had to quit her job and venture into a field that she had no experience.

One of her colleagues at the restaurant has a brother who owns a day-trading company where they educate traders on trading strategies, and he was hiring intelligent people to join his team. Lindsay took the risk, approached him, and pushed herself out there to get herself hired for the role of an educator in the day-trading firm. Lindsay got hired to learn to trade and was to teach the students the trading programs offered by the company despite having no prior trading experience.

Hobbies and Attractions

Lindsay Duff enjoys dining at local restaurants, such as Ruchi’s Taqueria for late-night meals, Breakfast Klub, Turkey Hut, and Soliz Tacos. She recommended going to The Blind Goat and Chuy’s, where she had previously worked as a bartender.

She also enjoys visiting NASA and the Houston Monopoly Exhibit, practicing yoga at the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit, taking a body class at Define, and frequent meditation. She often likes to attend movies at the Miller Outdoor Theater and sometimes go skating at Discovery Green. She visits Anvil for craft drinks or 8th Wonder Brewery for local beer and food trucks whenever she’s out.

Lindsay’s Trading Journey

Being a determined and dedicated person, Lindsay always dreamt of becoming a teacher and role model to others. Considering the job would also help her support her family, she was further motivated to put in the effort, learn quickly, and understand the systems involved in trading in three months. As time went on, Lindsay was not only running their live trading room, but she also improved their curriculum. She revamped the curriculum (twice) to make it more understandable for their students and remade every educational video they had to offer.

She worked for the firm for three years before moving to three other companies. This unique opportunity allowed her to work with thousands of students, and she was able to understand a new perspective on the day trading business.

From Bartending to Founding a Company

After ten years at these trading firms, Lindsay Duff took a significant risk; she quit her job without having an alternative. The outcome made her take up driving Uber for a living, and while on this job, she started making recordings of herself trading and educating people on the strategies involved in day trading.

This bold step prompted the formation of Responsible Day Trading, established to educate people on becoming the day traders they desired. And Uprofit to assist traders in obtaining funded trading accounts.

With her experience working as an educator at her previous firm, Lindsay Duff noted a few things:

  • The firms should have included HUGE pieces of the puzzle in these companies that would allow students to succeed.
  • Students were forced into a box that required them to trade in a way that wasn’t producing solid results. Because of that, they kept adding “events” and “seminars” that would jack up the cost of learning, yet the students never really learned anything new or got value for their money.

Knowing this and believing there was a much better way inspired her to do something different: provide proper guidance for her students and watch them grow.

In 2018, after a series of transitions, she founded her trading company and named it Uprofit.

About Uprofit

Lindsay Duff founded Uprofit Trader, an online platform that provides users with a funded trading account while providing reliable information about the stock market and trading opportunities. With the help of a team of engineers and programmers, Lindsay developed Uprofit into a comprehensive platform that provides users with funded accounts, real-time data, and stock market analysis.

The proprietary company Uprofit was founded in Texas, in the United States. It began as an educational company to assist traders in avoiding financial traps that frequently cause their trading endeavors to fail. The companies provided educational services for two years before transitioning into a proprietary firm in 2019 and starting a funded trading program allowing futures traders to obtain funds for trading.

Due to its emphasis on futures trading, Uprofit is only suitable for futures traders. Depending on the capacity of the trader, the firm offer traders a funded account averaging $200 thousand to start trading. In addition, Lindsay made the platform user-friendly and easily accessible so that users have enough information to make decisions about their investments quickly and efficiently.

Once traders pass the Uprofit challenge, they become eligible for funding. Nothing complicated about the procedure; it is pretty simple. As long as traders abide by the rules and achieve the designated goals, nothing will stop them from owning a funded account with this firm.

Learn more here about Uprofit program rules and details.

Lindsay’s Impact on the Trading Community

Lindsay Duff has built one of the best reputations in the prop firm industry in a short period. Her company has done this by assisting thousands of traders in making wise investment choices and offering high levels of funding and guidance that traders may use to advance their careers in trading.

Uprofit sets itself apart from other prop companies by keeping its registration costs affordable. Because they can afford the fee, many traders can test their skills to see if they can earn and win a funded account. Additionally, traders have more flexibility due to the lenient restrictions. Trading strategies can then be used effectively, increasing the likelihood of success for traders.

This company genuinely cares about its customers, as evidenced by its excellent customer service. In addition, the team leading Uprofit has extensive knowledge of the funding sector and has taught traders for many years. Due to the firm’s combined knowledge, it has been possible to create a framework that benefits future traders.

Uprofit works hard to provide its clients with the optimum trading conditions. These programs will allow traders to acquire the consistency crucial to their long-term success.

About Responsible Day Trading (RDT)

Responsible Day Trading is another founded by Lindsay Duff for educational purposes. Founding Responsible Day Trading emanated from the need for a platform where students get the proper guidance, trading knowledge, evaluation, and help they need to be successful traders.

It’s an education company established with the sole aim of creating independently profitable day traders. It also equips them with the best trading knowledge to improve the consistency in their trading performance so that they will not need to rely on constant assistance from any other platform or organization.

Responsible day trading involves understanding how to flow with the market and trading responsibly and confidently. This way, traders can analyze the market and continue to use the principles learned in their available programs to earn money trading futures.

The RDT Programs include:

  • Step-by-Step Videos.
  • Learning how to set up Ninja Trader charts and what indicators are needed.
  • Understanding how to read charts and how they relate to the live market.
  • Practical assignments are due at the end of every lesson.
  • Honest feedback on traders’ chart homework.
  • Strategies for entering and exiting the market.
  • Course content that is relevant to today’s markets.

Responsible day trading teaches traders how to reduce risk while still having the ability to make quick profits. It also enhances mental health benefits, including improved attention and problem-solving skills. Following a set of guidelines for responsible day trading can help traders achieve their financial goals while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

RDT intends to monitor how their students develop and grow and how they take responsibility for their trading decisions.


Many ambitious entrepreneurs who want to change the world through their enterprises have found inspiration in Lindsay’s entrepreneurial career. Her tale is one of perseverance, commitment, and enthusiasm that led to a profitable business endeavor that enhanced the lives of thousands of people worldwide.

Lindsay put a lot of effort into identifying the components of the day trading puzzle. She also established that mastering market influx and outflow is the key to successful trading. Instead of pushing the market to do what you want, let it tell you what to do. Understanding the signals, having the patience to wait, and having the confidence to execute when the time is right are the perfect trading keys.

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