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Bulenox was founded in 2022 by a team of seasoned investors and traders; it is a proprietary trading firm registered in Wilmington, Delaware, USA.

Bulenox’s legitimacy is verified by more than 320-day traders around the world in Trustpilot. According to multiple reviews and feedback, Bulenox has an efficient and reliable payout system and provides responsive and helpful customer service.

Bulenox trading is open to all day traders. It offers a good profit share, a funding program with no consistency rules, and allows trading in Micro Bitcoin (MBT). However, there is a lack of information about Bulenox founders, and there are some limitations on withdrawals at the beginning.

Bulenox offers 2 account options to traders; option 1 and option 2. Option 1 includes 6 account sizes and option 2 includes 6 account sizes too. but their rules are slightly different, and their prices range from $115 to $535 (find the last discounts and coupons below). after signing up and picking an account, traders get login details by email. They can trade using Rithmic R | TRADER and NinjaTrader.

Bulenox trading rules vary based on the trader’s selected option. Still, the key rules include: trading a minimum of 5 days, adhering to specified trading hours, maintaining maximum position sizes, avoiding daily loss limits, managing drawdowns, and trading a range of futures instruments.

In this article, we comprehensively review the Bulenox prop firm and we offer essential information to help you begin an evaluation with Bulenox.

what is Bulenox?

Bulenox is a prop trading firm established and registered in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. Bulenox was founded by a team of seasoned investors and traders in 2022. It grants futures traders access to funded trading accounts upon passing a trading evaluation called Qualification Account.

A proprietary trading firm, also known as a prop firm, uses its own money to trade financial items like stocks and currencies. It doesn’t trade with client’s money. The firm trades to earn profits and can take bigger risks. It has fewer rules compared to firms that trade with client’s money. Prop firms hire expert traders and create complex trading strategies.

who is Bulenox’s founder?

The founder of Bulenox is not publicly known. Despite extensive searches and reviews, no specific information about the founders of Bulenox has been found​.

What makes Bulenox Legit?

Bulenox is considered legit for its professionalism, exceptional customer service, and prompt, reliable payouts. Users appreciate its responsive support, flexibility, and transparency, noting that it adheres to established rules and commitments. The firm is also recognized for its user-friendly trading experience, which collectively suggests its legitimacy and reliability as a proprietary trading firm. All this information indicates that users generally view the company as trustworthy not a scam.

Does Bulenox send payouts to its traders?

Yes, Bulenox sends payouts to its traders. They use ACH payments, Venmo, PayPal, and Cryptocurrencies. Traders can request withdrawals anytime during the month, and these are processed weekly on Wednesdays. To be eligible for a payout from Bulenox, a trader must have completed at least ten trading days.

Does Bulenox have good User Reviews and Testimonials?

Yes, Bulenox has good user reviews and testimonials. On Trustpilot, Bulenox has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, based on over 206 reviews. 97% of these reviews are 5-star ratings, and only 1% of reviews claim that Bulenox is a scam.

Does Bulenox have good Customer Support?

Yes, Bulenox is known for very good customer help. Reviewers say the firm answers fast and helps well, showing they care about their customers’ needs.. They are available via email and live chat.

what are Bulenox’s advantages?

Bulenox has 13 advantages. Here is a list of Bulenox’s advantages:

  • Low Costs: Known for low reset fees, $78.
  • Free Trial: The firm offers a 15-day free trial to potential traders.
  • First $10,000 Profit: Traders keep 100% of their first $10,000 profit.
  • Good Profit Split: Traders get 90% of profits.
  • Micro Bitcoin Trading: Unique option to trade Micro Bitcoin.
  • Low Fees for Funded Traders: Only a one-time activation fee after funding.
  • Various Account Sizes: Trading accounts from $25,000 to $250,000.
  • Many Accounts: Traders can have many accounts.
  • Worldwide Access: Bulenox is Available globally.
  • Many Withdrawal Options: Multiple ways to withdraw money including ACH/Wire Transfer and Paypal.
  • Flexible Trading: No restrictions on trading.
  • Expert Support: Help from experienced traders.

what are Bulenox’s disadvantages?

Bulenox has 5 disadvantages. Here is a list of Bulenox’s disadvantages:

  • Withdrawals Policy: Traders can only withdraw after 10 trading days, and there are specific minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts that vary depending on the account size.
  • Absence of education center: Bulenox doesn’t provide any training of any kind.
  • Limited to day trading: Bulenox primarily caters to day traders, which may not be suitable for traders with other strategies.
  • Unknown founders: We Don’t have any information about the founders and business registration.
  • Short Company History: Bulenox has a short history and not much information on it. This is a concern for people who want a firm with a long history.

What are Bulenox’s pricing tiers?

Bulenox pricing varies from $115 to $535, depending on the chosen option and account size. The table below lists the fees for each account size:

Account sizePrice
$100K $215

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Does Bulenox offer price discounts?

Yes, Bulenox grants discounts on their prices, ranging from 40% to 90%, including a 71% sale option. To receive these discounts, traders should use this Bulenox discount link and enter coupon code: MAX. This coupon code is dynamic, it automatically reflects the most recent discount available upon use. Bulenox applied The discount instantly upon purchasing the evaluation.

Get 80% off LIFETIME! Use codes: MAX (or TFMAX for other options)

Does Bulenox allow multiple accounts?

Yes, Bulenox allows multiple accounts. Day traders can trade unlimited Qualification Accounts and up to 11 Master accounts at the same time.

How does Bulenox work?

Bulenox’s process starts when traders register and pay for a Qualification Account. In this stage, they choose an account size that matches their trading style and how much risk they can take. Then, they trade following Bulenox’s specific rules, trying to reach set profit goals and manage risks well. This part is important because doing well here, by sticking to the rules and making profits, leads to the next step. Traders who do well in this phase get a Master Account from Bulenox. In this account, they keep trading. The money they make here is split between the trader and Bulenox. This whole process is made for traders to show their skill and make profits under Bulenox’s system.

Does Bulenox’s Dashboard provide live data?

No, Bulenox’s Dashboard doesn’t provide live data of trading account balances.

What are Bulenox trading Rules?

There are 6 main rules for Bulenox. Bulenox’s trading rules are as follows:

  1. Trailing Drawdown: Traders must manage their accounts to avoid exceeding the maximum drawdown limit.
  2. Trading Days: A trader must trade for a minimum of 5 days to qualify for the Master Account.
  3. Daily Loss Limit: Traders avoid reaching the maximum loss per day, which varies by account size.
  4. Position Size / Scaling Plan: This is determined by the selected account, and traders can hold multiple positions simultaneously.
  5. Trading Hours: The trading day is set from 5:00 pm to 4:00 pm the next day (CST). Weekends and holidays are not counted as trading days, and all positions must be closed by 15:59 CST.
  6. Trading Instruments: Includes a range of futures such as equity, interest rate, currency, agricultural, energy, metal, and micro futures.

Bulenox uses rules for safe, disciplined trading, protecting traders and itself from big losses.

The table below shows the Trailing Drawdown value and the contract size of every account size:

OptionAccount sizeTrailing DrawdownContract Size
Option 1 & 2$10K$1,0005 Micros
Option 1 & 2$25K$1,5003 Minis
Option 1 & 2$50K$2,5007 Minis
Option 1 & 2$100K $3,00012 Minis
Option 1 & 2$150K$4,50015 Minis
Option 1 & 2$250K$5,50025 Minis

How does Bulenox’s Trailing Threshold work?

Bulenox employs two types of trailing drawdown mechanisms:

Option 1: No Scaling Account (Trailing Drawdown)

Here, the drawdown follows the current balance equal to the trader’s profit. It’s recorded in real-time, including commissions. If the balance decreases, the allowable drawdown remains unchanged. If the drawdown limit is violated, the account is blocked, and traders can reset or create a new account. For instance, with a $100,000 account for 12 contracts and a $3,000 maximum drawdown, if the balance falls to $97,000, the account gets blocked. The drawdown adjusts with profit gains or losses, maintaining a $3,000 limit from the highest account balance.

Option 2: EOD Account (End of Day/Scaling Plan/Daily Loss Limit)

The drawdown here is updated at the end of the trading day, considering only the profits made at day’s end. The EOD drawdown follows the end-of-day balance equal to the profit. For example, if a trader with a $100,000 account reaches $102,500 by day’s end, the new EOD balance adjusts to $99,500. After qualifying for the Master Account, the EOD stops moving once it reaches the initial balance. The EOD scaling buying power is determined by the cash on hand, affecting the number of contracts a trader can handle. Daily loss limits are set based on the account size and are removed in the Master Account once the maximum drawdown threshold reaches the account’s starting balance.

These options outline how Bulenox manages risk through trailing drawdowns and daily loss limits, ensuring traders adhere to risk management protocols.

What are Bulenox’s Trading Hours?

Bulenox’s trading hours are set like this: A trading day begins at 5:00 pm and ends at 4:00 pm the next day, based on Central Standard Time (CST) in North America. Weekends and holidays are not counted as trading days. Traders must close all positions by 3:59 pm CST. To move to the Master Account, traders need to trade on at least five days, but these days don’t need to be one after the other. There’s no maximum number of trading days. A day counts as a trading day only if a trade is opened during these hours.

What are Bulenox’s Instruments?

Bulenox offers a variety of futures instruments in several categories. here is a list of futures instruments allowed by Bulenox:

  1. Equity Futures: Examples include E-mini S&P 500 and Nikkei NKD.
  2. Interest Rate Futures: Such as Eurodollar and 10-Year Note.
  3. Currency Futures: Including Australian Dollar and Japanese Yen.
  4. Agricultural Futures: Like Corn and Soybeans.
  5. Energy Futures: Covering Crude Oil and Natural Gas.
  6. Metal Futures: Including Gold and Silver.
  7. Micro Futures: Such as Micro E-Mini S&P 500.

These options cover different market areas like equities, interest rates, currencies, agriculture, energy, and metals.

Bulenox uses which trading platforms?

Bulenox uses the 18 trading platforms listed below:

  1. NinjaTrader
  2. R|Trader Pro
  3. TigerTrade
  4. Optimus Flow
  5. InsideEdge Trader
  7. ATAS (Order Flow Trading)
  8. Scalp
  9. Overcharts
  10. Medved Trader
  11. Quantower
  12. ScalpTool
  13. Trade Navigator
  14. PhotonTrader
  15. Sierra Chart
  16. MultiCharts
  17. MotiveWave
  18. Bookmap X-Ray

How To Set Up Rithmic R|Trader Pro for Bulenox?

To set up Rithmic for Bulenox, traders should follow the 9 steps below:

  1. Install: Get and install Rithmic R | TRADER.
  2. Launch: Start Rithmic R | TRADER.
  3. Input: Enter “User ID” and “Password” from member’s area.
  4. Select System: Choose “Rithmic Paper Trading.”
  5. Choose Gateway: Select “Chicago” or other options like “Europe” or “Tokyo.”
  6. Enable Features: Turn on Market Data and Allow Plugins.
  7. Agree to Terms: Read and agree to Rithmic conditions.
  8. Choose Status: Pick “Non-Professional” or “Professional.”
  9. Understand Fees: Non-professional traders don’t pay for data feed, professionals pay $112 per exchange monthly.

Remember to log out after use. This setup enables trading on Bulenox with Rithmic R | TRADER.

How To Set Up NinjaTrader 8 for Bulenox?

To set up NinjaTrader for trading with a free license from Bulenox, traders should follow the 8 steps below:

  1. Install: Download and install NinjaTrader 8.
  2. Log In: Open NinjaTrader Desktop and log in with NinjaTrader Account Dashboard credentials.
  3. Enable Multi-Provider: Go to Tools > Options, and check the Multi-provider option.
  4. Configure Connections: In the Command Center, go to Connections > Configure.
  5. Add NinjaTrader Connection: Select NinjaTrader from available connections, add it, and enter Dashboard username and password. Set Account Type to Sim.
  6. Add Evaluation Service Connection: Again, go to Connections > Configure to add your Evaluation Service account.
  7. Set Rithmic for NinjaTrader Brokerage: Choose Rithmic for NinjaTrader Brokerage, set the correct System from your Evaluation Service.
  8. Connect to Accounts: From Command Center, connect to both My NinjaTrader and My Rithmic for NinjaTrader Brokerage.

For detailed guidance, refer to the NinjaTrader Connection guide. If any errors occur, contact support@ninjatrader.com. NinjaTrader is also accessible on mobile devices via NinjaTrader Mobile.

Does Bulenox allow Trade Copier?

Yes, Bulenox allows traders to leverage several accounts at once using a trade copier. This feature is particularly useful for those who have multiple trading accounts under the same Rithmic User ID on Bulenox.