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Upon completing the Bulenox Qualification Account, traders are granted access to a Master Account. In this Master Account, they can withdraw their profits in accordance with Bulenox’s designated payout policy. Traders are entitled to their portion of the earnings after realizing these profits.

Bulenox payout rules require traders to complete at least ten trading days before requesting a payout. The first $10,000 of profits are entirely for the traders, and beyond that, traders receive 90% of additional profits.

Traders can request withdrawals at any time during the month at Bulenox. All payouts are processed weekly on Wednesdays. Processing of withdrawals takes 3-7 business days.

This article offers an in-depth examination of Bulenox’s withdrawal and payout policy, highlighting critical elements like payment methods, processing schedules, commissions, withdrawal thresholds, and tax implications.

What is the Bulenox Withdrawal policy?

Bulenox’s payout policy specifies the conditions traders must meet to request payouts. Here are the principal details:

  • Traders can request withdrawals any time, with payouts processed weekly on Wednesdays.
  • A minimum of 10 trading days is required before traders can request a withdrawal.
  • The initial $10,000 of profits are awarded in full to traders. Beyond that, a 10% commission is charged, with the remaining 90% of profits going to the trader.
  • The policy sets minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts based on the account size.

What’s the minimum withdrawal amount at Bulenox?

The minimum withdrawal amount at Bulenox varies based on the number of payments and the account size. For the first 1-3 payments, the minimum withdrawal is $1,000, except for the $10,000 account, which is $500.

What’s the maximum withdrawal amount at Bulenox?

For the first three months at Bulenox, the maximum withdrawal amount is determined by the account size:

  • $10,000 account: $750 maximum withdrawal
  • $25,000 account: $1,000 maximum withdrawal
  • $50,000 account: $1,500 maximum withdrawal
  • $100,000 account: $1,750 maximum withdrawal
  • $150,000 account: $2,000 maximum withdrawal
  • $250,000 account: $2,500 maximum withdrawal

After this initial three-month period, there is no maximum withdrawal limit.

What’s Bulenox’s minimum balance for withdrawals?

Bulenox’s policy defines a “withdrawal safety threshold reserve” as the minimum balance required in the Trader’s Account to be eligible for withdrawals. This amount varies by account size:

  • $10,000 Account: $1,100 minimum balance
  • $25,000 Account: $1,600 minimum balance
  • $50,000 Account: $2,600 minimum balance
  • $100,000 Account: $3,100 minimum balance
  • $150,000 Account: $4,600 minimum balance
  • $250,000 Account: $5,600 minimum balance

For example, you have a $50,000 trading account with Bulenox. According to Bulenox’s policy, the minimum balance you must maintain in your account, known as the withdrawal safety threshold reserve, is $2,600.

If your account balance is $55,000 and you want to withdraw, you must leave at least $2,600 in your account after the withdrawal. This means the maximum amount you could request to withdraw would be $52,400 ($55,000 – $2,600 = $52,400). This reserve ensures you have sufficient funds to continue trading and meet any margin requirements or unexpected losses.

What are Bulenox’s withdrawal methods?

Bulenox provides multiple withdrawal methods for traders. Here’s a focused summary of the available withdrawal options:

  • ACH/Wire Transfer: This method is suitable for U.S. traders, but International traders can also use ACH transfers with Payoneer and Wise.
  • PayPal: A widely used digital payment system for online transactions.
  • Zelle: Fast bank-to-bank transfers within the U.S.
  • Venmo: is an alternative option to Zelle.

When can traders withdraw from Bulenox?

Traders can request a withdrawal at any time during the calendar month. All payouts are processed once a week, on Wednesdays. To be eligible for a payout, a trader must have completed at least 10 or more individual trading days.

How fast is Bulenox’s payout process?

Bulenox handles payout requests weekly, every Wednesday. The time traders take to get their money varies by withdrawal method. Here are the usual times for each method:

Withdrawal MethodDuration
ACH/Wire Transfer2-5 business days
PayPalInstant to 1 business day
ZelleInstant to 1 business day
VenmoInstant to 1 business day

How does the payout process work at Bulenox?

The payout process at Bulenox involves the following steps:

  1. Meet Eligibility Criteria:
    • Complete at least 10 trading days.
    • Fulfill the 40% consistency rule.
    • Reach the minimum balance known as the “withdrawal safety threshold reserve.”
  2. Payout Request Submission: The payout request form must be completed on the Bulenox platform.
  3. Email Confirmation: Upon submission of the payout request, an email confirmation acknowledging the request will be sent.
  4. Payment Tracking: A help desk ticket must be submitted to Bulenox to monitor the payment status with support.
  5. Approval of the Payout: The payout awaits approval by Bulenox.
  6. Receive Withdrawal: Withdrawals should be received the next Wednesday after approval.

If it’s the trader’s first time requesting a withdrawal, they must complete the required tax forms and the Bulenox Withdrawal Information Form to submit their ID details.

what are Bulenox’s payout restrictions?

The payout restrictions for Bulenox include:

  • Prohibited Countries: Bulenox doesn’t serve “high-risk countries” such as North Korea, Iran, Syria, Yemen, and Myanmar (Burma).
  • Account Type: Payouts are not available from a Qualification Account; they’re only possible from a Master Account.
  • Minimum Payout: Traders cannot request payouts under $1000.
  • withdrawal safety threshold reserve: Accounts are required to keep a minimum balance as specified by Bulenox.
  • Minimum Trading Days: Traders must achieve a minimum of 10 trading days.
  • Consistency Rule for Withdrawals: No more than 40% of the profit balance can come from a single trading day at the time of a withdrawal request.
  • Profit Split: There’s a 90/10 profit split after the first $10,000 of profits.

What is the Bulenox profit share?

On the Master Account, traders receive 100% of the first $10,000 earned. Beyond the initial $10,000, Bulenox takes a 10% commission, leaving 90% for the trader. This policy is per trader, not per account, so it applies across all a trader’s Master Accounts.

What to know about taxes on Bulenox payouts?

Traders who receive payments from the Master Account are considered independent contractors. For U.S. citizens, a Form 1099-NEC (Non-Employee Compensation) is issued, while citizens of other countries receive a Form W-8BEN. This indicates that taxes are the traders’ responsibility, and they must report their earnings according to local tax laws.

When asking for a withdrawal, traders are required to fill out the Tax form before receiving their payouts.

does Bulenox apply withdrawal fees?

Bulenox doesn’t charge withdrawal fees for payouts from the Master Accounts. However, the withdrawal method you choose might have its own fees.

Does Bulenox Pay Out?

Yes, Bulenox pays out its traders. Founded in 2022, Bulenox has garnered positive user feedback, rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, based on over 270 reviews. Most of these reviews highlight the firm’s reliability and efficiency in processing payouts, further affirming Bulenox’s legitimacy and commitment to its traders.

Verified Withdrawal Proofs from Bulenox Traders

It was hard to find visual evidence showing that people got their money from Bulenox, but here are just a few real examples of payouts:

Will withdrawals alter Bulenox’s trading rules?

Withdrawals from a Bulenox Master Account alter the trading rules, specifically regarding the EOD (End of Day) Dynamic Scaling Plan. The withdrawal amount can affect the total number of contracts a trader is allowed to trade. As a trader’s account profit increases or decreases, the number of contracts that can be traded also changes. Withdrawals, therefore, have the potential to impact trading capabilities by adjusting the total number of contracts available for trading based on the new account balance after a withdrawal.