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What Is Earn2Trade?

Earn2Trade presents itself as a futures trading education company that also offers funded trader programs to round out its selection. Their educational package, known as the Beginner Crash Course, is a collection of video lessons and webinars made by professional traders who have successfully passed their National Futures Association examinations (NFA). However, their trader funding exams are by far the most popular part of their offerings. When traders pass either of these exams, known as the Trader Career Path and Gauntlet Mini™, they receive a funded futures trading account offered by Earn2Trade partners: Helios Trading Partners LLC or Appius Trading Limited.

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What Is A Funded Trading Account?

A funded trading account is a trading account offered by a proprietary trading firm to traders who have successfully passed a test. The relationship between the prop firm and the trader is laid out by a contract. The prop firm provides the capital and takes on the risk, while the trader manages the funds, and the two share the profit from the account. In the case of those who get their funding offers by passing Earn2Trade’s tests, the trader keeps 80% of the profit they make from the funded trading account.

Why Does A Trader Need A Funded Trading Account?

To learn to trade:

Almost every trader has tested trading on a virtual account, whether on a futures trading platform or otherwise. Most of them tend to conclude that trading on a virtual account is nothing like trading on a real account. Why? Because we can’t experience the real emotions and feelings that we will face on a real account.

Funded trading accounts offer a real experience on the live market where traders can improve their skills and learn how to control their emotions during trading without putting their own capital at risk.

To get capital:

Many new traders have difficulties coming up with the necessary amount of capital to start trading. Starting with $500 or even $2,000 is not really the kind of investment that can realistically allow you to build a potentially profitable account size in your first days, and it is also risky! This is why participating in a funded trading program is the best way to get funded with extremely minimal risk. Traders can start trading with a minimal subscription fee of about $150 for a test to get funded with a $25,000 trading account. They just need to prove that they can trade with a good strategy during the test.

Is Earn2Trade Legit?

One of the first benchmarks to look at when trying to determine whether a company is legit would be how long they’ve been around. 

According to Crunchbase.com, Earn2Trade was founded in 2016 by Ryan Masten, but its online activity dates back to 2018, when the company seems to have launched for business. While they’re not the first company dealing with funding traders, they’ve been around much longer than most competitors. They’re a time-tested company with a well-established reputation.

Another important factor to consider is transparency, which is an area where Earn2Trade excels. Their website presents information about their offerings in a straightforward way, and it lays out the exact rules of their funding evaluations in no uncertain terms. They’re not hiding the ball, and there’s no bait and switch snuck into any of their disclaimers. They also have a notable social media presence, directly interacting with customers and potential customers and openly addressing any complaints.

The company also lists its address on its website along with the percentage rate of how many traders pass their tests, and even the names of the companies that offer funding to traders who pass their test/challenge.

Ryan Masten case

Although Ryan Masten has not been affiliated with Earn2Trade since 2020, his recent case has caused confusion and led some individuals to mistakenly associate it with the company.

In September 2020, there was news about Ryan Masten’s involvement in a binary options fraud scheme that was charged by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). This has caused some confusion among the Earn2Trade community regarding the association between the four charged companies and Earn2Trade. It is important to note that Earn2Trade is not affiliated with these companies and that Ryan Masten was no longer a part of Earn2Trade as of July 1st, 2020, prior to the incident. We aim to provide accurate and neutral information to our community to ensure a clear understanding of the situation.

Earn2Trade’s History

Earn2Trade burst onto the scene sometime around 2018 with their innovative trader funding test, the Gauntlet™, based on extremely flexible rules for getting funded in return for a longer evaluation time. It was later succeeded by the Gauntlet Mini™, which offered a tighter ruleset in return for a shorter evaluation period. In 2019, the Gauntlet Mini™ exploded in popularity by offering better rules than its competitors and even improving its product with major changes like getting rid of restrictions on trading live market events.

The Gauntlet Mini™ became Earn2Trade’s flagship product until February 2022, when they launched the Trader Career Path.

The Trader Career Path had a new feature that shook up the industry: traders started trading on a $25,000 account, and if they passed the program, they got a funding offer that allowed them to increase the base amount of capital in their funded trading accounts. When traders withdraw the profit they make, the funding company gives them a larger account with a better offer, upwards of $200,000.

In January 2023, they added another account size for the Trader Career Path, rebranding it into the TCP25 and TCP50. The new TCP50 starts on a $50,000 account and can upgrade to $400,000. At the same time, they also included free evaluation resets for active subscribers when they renew their monthly subscriptions for both Trader Career Path packages.

Earn2Trade Reviews On The Internet

We did a deep dive looking for reviews about this well-known funded futures trading program and trading education firm. Here is a summary of our research and some conclusions about Earn2Trade according to reviewers:

Good reviews:

  • The reviews at Trustpilot are great for Earn2Trade. There are more than 1,200 reviews, and the result until now is 4.8/5.
  • Earn2Trade enjoys a good reputation online and has gained the trust of a lot of people around the world.
  • Their customer service is known for being high-quality and always responsive.
  • Lot of traders have verified that they’ve passed the test and got funded.
  • No reviews mention any issues with withdrawals after getting funded.

Bad reviews:

  • 6% of reviewers have left a bad review at Trustpilot.
  • Many of the early complaints were directed toward the rule that restricted traders from trading during certain market events. Since then, this rule has been removed.
  • When you break a rule on the challenge, like the number of contracts allowed or allowed times, your account will be closed immediately. Some other platforms just reject your action, and you continue trading, but at Earn2Trade, your account is automatically closed.
  • Another common complaint was the lack of support for NinjaTrader and that funded traders using that platform were required to trade with a leader-follower trade copy system. However, this is another issue that has been resolved since then. Currently, Earn2Trade fully supports NinjaTrader.
  • People who forget to cancel their subscriptions after failing get billed every month until they unsubscribe.

Conclusion: Is Earn2Trade Scam Or Legit?

Earn2Trade is 100% legit. Traders funded through their programs get paid, they offer all information needed, and their support is excellent. However, any trader must be careful with the rules. The rules at Earn2Trade are very strict; they can cause account closing on the first day if the trader doesn’t understand them. Earn2Trade must fix this to gain more trust; they must reject any mistaken or unwanted action from the trader without closing the account, like Leeloo Trading or Topstep.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Earn2Trade

Why Earn2Trade May Be A Good Choice?

  • Comprehensive Education system.

Earn2Trade offers a huge catalog of lessons, quizzes, and webinars for traders of all levels, from beginner to advanced. Their content has been made by professional traders that have passed the National Futures Association examinations. The quality of their trading material is very high, and it occasionally receives updates.

  • Take 80% of the profits when you get funded

After you pass the Trader Career Path or the Gauntlet Mini™ evaluation, you will get 80% of the profits that you make in the real account.

  • No restriction with withdrawals

When you get funded, almost all companies ask you to trade a minimum number of trading days, or a target profit to reach or other restrictions that don’t allow you to withdraw your earnings immediately, but with Earn2Trade, you can withdraw your profits in the first day, the minimum withdrawal amount is $100. The withdrawal options offered also include PayPal, Revolut, Wise, and even crypto for those using Coinbase.

  • Minimum Trading Days 15 days

During the Trader Career Path or the Gauntlet Mini™, the required minimum trading days is only 15 days, and no second step is required.

  • Only one step for evaluation

Unlike Topstep, which requires two steps in the evaluation phase, Earn2Trade requires only one step during its evaluation programs.

  • Trader Career Path scaling funding offer

Like other similar companies, the Gauntlet Mini™ lets traders choose the account size to get evaluated and funded. However, Earn2Trade also has the Trader Career Path, which doesn’t lock you into one account size, but lets you scale or upgrade your funded trading account by withdrawing your profit.

  • Trading during news is also allowed

Like Leeloo Trading, Earn2Trade also allows trading during news. This gives traders more freedom to trade with less stress.

  • NinjaTrader Trading Platform available

NinjaTrader is one of the most popular trading platforms for futures traders. Earn2Trade’s programs include a free NinjaTrader license for the duration of your subscription/evaluation. This is especially useful for beginners because it lets them try out one of the best trading platforms on the market.

  • Finamark Trading Platform available

Earn2Trade allows you to trade online with Finamark Systems, an online trading platform. You can log in with the same Earn2Trade credentials, then login to your trading account with the Rithmic R Trader credentials that is provided by Earn2Trade.

Finamark Systems gives you multiple tools and helpful materials, including all chart types, news date marks, a wide range of indicators, depth of market, multiple chart types, a nice order book, and much more.

  • Journalytix tool available

Journalytix is an automated analytics and journaling tool. It gives traders real-time analytics of their trades and also all dates and events that can affect the market.

Why May Earn2Trade Be A Bad Choice?

  • Maintain Consistency

You may reach your target goal with Earn2Trade, but will still need to process trading until your trading matches the consistency rule, which is “no single trading day can account for 30% or more of your total PnL ”.

  • No “auto reject action” when you break a rule

For other platforms like Topstep or Leeloo Trading, when you break a rule like the number of contracts allowed or allowed times, your action will be rejected automatically and you can continue trading, but for Earn2Trade, when you break one of these rules, your account will be closed immediately.  🙁

  • No free trial

Almost all other platforms offer a free trial, but Earn2Trade does not offer that option. It may help a lot of traders be used to their platform and rules.

  • No Reset-At Rebill

Unlike Topstep, the Gauntlet Mini™ does not include a reset-at-rebill. Traders who rebill after breaking a rule also need to buy a reset to qualify for passing. However, their new product, the Trader Career Path, does include a free reset after every rebill that subscribers can either use or save for later.

Earn2Trade Products

There are three major products offered by Earn2Trade; the Gauntlet Mini™, the Trader Career Path, and the Beginner Crash Course.

The Gauntlet Mini™

We will start with the most known product of Earn2Trade, which is The Gauntlet Mini™.

The Gauntlet Mini™ is an exam/challenge that allows you, when successfully passed, to get a guaranteed live futures trading account from one of the Earn2Trade proprietary trading firm partners: Helios Trading Partners or Appius Trading Limited.

Challenge Prices and Contracts:

The prices of Gauntlet Mini™ accounts depend on the account size and the number of contracts allowed.

Here are the sizes of the accounts offered in the Gauntlet Mini™. You can get better prices by clicking here

Account sizeNumber of allowed contractsPrice of challenge
$50,000Up to6 contracts$170
$100,000Up to12 contracts$315
$150,000Up to15 contracts$350
$200,000Up to16 contracts$550
Gauntlet mini account types

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Rules to follow when you start your evaluation:

To make it easier to understand, let’s say that you want to pass the $50,000 challenge. Here are the most important rules that you need to respect during the process of passing the exam:

  • Trade a minimum of 15 trading days:

You may reach the profit target on the first day or in the first 5 days, but you will still need to trade at least a total of 15 trading days (not calendar days) to complete the exam. This helps Earn2Trade check your ability to make a profit over a slightly longer period.

  • Do not reach the maximum daily loss:

In our case, it’s $1,100. If you lose $1,100 or more in one single day, your account will be eliminated. Even if you didn’t reach your account maximum loss, which is $2,000 for the $50,000 account size.

  • Do not use more contracts than allowed:

At Earn2Trade, this is also called “the Progression Ladder.” For the $50,000 account size, you have a maximum of 6 contracts to use, but you are not allowed to use all those 6 contracts on the first day. Your allowed number of contracts depends on the current balance of your account. You are first allowed to trade with 2 contracts. Then when you make a total profit of $1,501, and you are allowed to use 4 contracts, then 6 contracts if you reach $2,001 in profits.

the Progression Ladder Earn2Trade
  • Do not reach the trailing drawdown:

On July 1, 2021, Earn2Trade made an important update for the drawdown. They started calculating the drawdown in the challenge at the end of the day instead of intraday.

For example, the maximum drawdown for the $50,000 account is $2,000, which means that you can’t go below $48,000 on your futures trading account. The minimum account balance will never go down. It only goes up.

Trailing drawdown with profits:
  • At the end of the first trading day, let’s say you made $500 in profit, so your account balance now is $50,500, and since the maximum drawdown is $2,000, now you can’t go below $48,500 in your account balance for the next trading days.
Trailing drawdown with losses:
  • At the end of the first trading day, let’s say you lost $500 in your account balance, so now you have $49,500 in your trading account. As we already said, the minimum account balance will never go down, so your minimum account balance will always be $48,000 when you make losses.

When your minimum balance reaches $50,000, it will no longer rise again.

The Trader Career Path

The Trader Career Path is Earn2Trade’s newest product, and it’s quickly becoming their most popular one. It’s a futures trading evaluation that functions mostly the same as the Gauntlet Mini™, so the previous explanations about Earn2Trade’s evaluation rules still apply. However, the Trader Career Path has two huge differences.

First, it comes with a scaling funding offer. This means after you get your funded trading account, you can scale it, in other words, upgrade it, to a larger funding amount, along with more contracts and bigger allowances on drawdown and daily losses.

Second, it includes a free reset after every rebill. What makes this exceptional is that subscribers don’t have to automatically use the reset on rebill. Instead, they can save it up for later too.

Evaluation Price and Contracts:

The Trader Career Path has two packages, called the TCP25 and the TCP50. The TCP25 starts on a $25,000 account and can upgrade to $200,000 after getting funded. Meanwhile, the TCP50 starts on a $50,000 account and can upgrade to $400,000 after getting funded.

Starting Account sizeLargest Scaling Account UpgradePrice of challenge
  • Trader Career Path Progression ladder

The Trader Career Path also uses a progression ladder like the Gauntlet Mini™, but the number of contracts allowed can go even higher if you get the $400,000 account with the TCP50.

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Trader Career Path Progression ladder

Upgrading Your Funded Trading Account

The main feature of the Trader Career Path is that it has what Earn2Trade calls a scaling plan, meaning you can upgrade the amount of capital in your funded trading account by withdrawing your profit. This means you don’t have to decide between withdrawing your money or keeping it in the account to help it grow. You’re actively rewarded for making money and withdrawing it.

scaling plan earn2trade TCP25
scaling plan earn2trade TCP50

Beginner Crash Course

The final product Earn2Trade offers its educational material as a separate, stand-alone package called the Beginner Crash Course. It’s a one-time payment of $249 to get permanent access. It contains 300+ hours of video content that’s normally bundled in with their evaluation packages. However, the bundled version of the content is only available during your subscription.

It’s an all-in-one complete trading course that teaches you the basics of trading, then provides advanced lessons, then helps you practice and prepare for the real world. You will learn about technical analysis, markets, strategies, risk management, and more.