What are MyFundedFutures’s rules?

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MyFundedFutures (MFFU) is a proprietary trading firm with structured trading parameters (rules and objectives) purported to ensure a transparent and fair trading environment. Compliance is promoted as a means to refine trading skills and participate in performance-based earnings. Yet, the impact of these regulations on trader autonomy and profitability remains an area for scrutiny. MyFundedFutures …

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My Funded Futures 2024 Review: All to know

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MyFundedFutures (MFFU) is a prop firm led by CEO Matthew Leech. Based in the United States, MFFU has been operational for less than a year, having begun its operations in June 2023. More than 509 day traders worldwide verified MyFundedFutures’ legitimacy on Trustpilot. The company has a 4.7-star rating, indicating a high level of customer …

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What is the TradeDay Withdrawal and Payout policy?

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Upon completing TradeDay’s Evaluation Challenge, traders are awarded a Funded SIM or LIVE Trading Account. They may request withdrawals in accordance with TradeDay’s withdrawal guidelines and earn a portion of the profits. TradeDay’s payout policy allows traders to keep 100% of the first $10,000 of profits they make, and then 90% of the profits after …

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What is the TickTickTrader Withdrawal and Payout policy?

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After completing the TTTEvaluation phase, participants are awarded a TTTPerformance Account. Traders are entitled to submit withdrawal requests following TickTickTrader’s payout and withdrawal policy, allowing them to secure a share of the profits generated. Following the TickTickTrader payout rules, traders may withdraw from TTTPerformance accounts after meeting target profits and the Maintain Consistency Rule with …

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What is the Elite Trader Funding Payout and Withdrawal policy?

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Upon completing Elite Trader Funding’s (ETF) evaluation, traders are awarded an Elite account. They are entitled to request payouts as per Elite Trader Funding’s defined payout policy, securing a portion of the profits they have generated. Elite Trader Funding’s payout rules allow traders to request first payouts after 15 trading days while adhering to the …

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What is the Leeloo Trading Withdrawal and Payout policy?

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After passing Leeloo Trading’s evaluation, traders get a Leeloo Performance Account™. They withdraw their earnings based on Leeloo Trading’s payout policy and receive a share of the profits they make. Leeloo Trading’s payout rules enable traders to initiate their first payout request after completing a minimum of 30 traded days. For subsequent payouts, traders must …

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What is the Earn2Trade Payout and Withdrawal policy?


After passing the Earn2Trade evaluation, traders receive a live or LiveSim® account. They can request payouts of their earnings following Earn2Trade’s withdrawal policy. They earn a share of the profits they generate. Earn2Trade’s payout rules allow traders to request payouts after achieving profits. As soon as a trader makes his first $100 profit, he can …

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What is the Uprofit Withdrawal and Payout policy?

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After completing the Uprofit Trader Evaluation, traders get a Funded Live Account. They can ask to withdraw their earnings according to Uprofit Trader’s withdrawal rules. They have the right to get a percentage of the profits they make. Uprofit Trader’s payout rules permit traders to request payouts after achieving profits on four distinct trading days. …

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What is Apex Trader Funding Withdrawal and Payout policy?

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After completing the Apex Trader Funding (ATF) Evaluation, traders are awarded a Funded Performance Account (PA) and can request withdrawals of their earnings in accordance with Apex Trader Funding’s specific payout policy. Traders receive their share of the profits after earning them. Apex Trader Funding payout rules require traders to wait for 10 trading days …

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What is the Topstep Withdrawal and Payout policy?


After winning the Trading Combine Challenge, Topstep traders will receive a funded trading account and the opportunity to withdraw their profits after meeting with the Topstep Payout and Withdrawal policy. As they make profits, they will receive their due share. According to the official Topstep Payout Policy, traders in an Express Funded Account or Live …

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