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Understanding Funded Trading Programs

A Proprietary Trading Firm is a company that specializes in trading financial instruments using its own capital. Hires or trains experienced traders, provides capital and allows traders to trade to generate profits. Typically focuses on forex and futures markets. Learn more about Proprietary Trading Firms.

A Funded Trading Program is a type of trading setup where a proprietary trading firm provides an individual trader with capital to trade in financial markets. The trader is required to share a portion of their profits with the proprietary trading firm. Learn more about Funded Trading Programs.

A funded trading account offered by a proprietary trading firm to a qualified individual who has passed a trading test. The trader is given login details to a real or simulated trading account linked to a real account and must manage the funds under certain conditions.

An Evaluation, Test, or Challenge is a process conducted by a proprietary trading firm to determine a trader’s eligibility for their funded trading program. Usually through a demo account that serves as an evaluation account.

A Profit Split is a formula for dividing the profit made by the trader and the proprietary trading firm. Can range from 50:50 to 90:10, with traders usually taking the higher percentage.

Direct Funding is offered by some proprietary trading firms where traders do not need to pass a test to get the funded trading account, but the participation fees are higher.

1. Trade with no money.
2. No risk of losing own money.
3. Learn to trade in the real world.
4. Get paid a good share of earnings.
5. Enhance risk management strategy.
6. Get professional trader certifications,.
7. Work anywhere and anytime.

1. Paid test or challenge required.
2. Limited to specific platforms.
3. Limited to specific trading strategies.