Leeloo funded futures trading program: Your ultimate guide

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What is a funded trading Program?

A funded trading program is a process that connects companies with traders. Those companies or proprietary trading funds provide a trading account to traders that have the right skills needed to manage their money. This is a win-win system that connects companies that have capital with traders that need capital. It’s also a very good opportunity for new traders to test their skills in real life with real emotions, not like a virtual account. There is only one condition, the trader has to prove that he has a winning strategy that can provide consistent profits. The trader has to pass a test, a challenge, or an assessment phase where he will be tested for his skills and prove that he can manage the funds successfully.

Here is 3 main reasons why you must think about choosing a funded futures trading program:

  1. It provides a capital for traders that have skills but don’t have money.
  2. A great opportunity to learn in a real trading account, with real money and real emotions, not like if you are trading in a virtual account.
  3. You don’t have to risk your own money. Only challenge fees are needed. You get up to 90% share of profits, but losses are on the proprietary firm.

What is Leeloo Trading?

Leeloo Trading is a funded futures trading program, a platform where traders can get a funded account after passing a challenge. Leeloo Trading offers a nice combination of rules and prices, this is why they rise fast in the funded trading programs field.

Even though Leeloo Trading doesn’t have a consistency rule like other platforms such as Topstep or Earn2Trade, they are looking for good traders that can make consistent profits during their partnership with Leeloo.

Who are the founders of Leeloo Trading:

team and founders of leeloo trading

The most amazing thing about Leeloo Trading, is that the founded are a family of ranchers, led by a successful business woman, a cowgirl called “Jody Dahl”. Leeloo founders were very successful in the livestock market, especially for their purebred Charolais cattle. All this explains the weird theme of the website and the youtube channel that have a lot of images of horses, bulls, ranches and farmers.

Is Leeloo Trading program a Scam?

Leeloo’s beginnings were a little bit bizarre! The Leeloo Trading website was unprofessional for a financial institute, people didn’t trust the design, so a lot of them couldn’t trust the program. The Youtube channel also had weird, crazy videos, videos of ranches, horses, bulls… that didn’t make any sense at all!! People were talking about this a lot, but during that time, no one had a bad experience using the program.

Time was passing, and we started to understand that Leeloo Trading is not a scam, they proved that they are a 100% reliable funded futures trading program.

We understood that the western life images were the real life of Leeloo founders. We understood that it was also a marketing strategy for a startup company, We also understood that they never missed a withdrawal. Conclusion: Leeloo Trading is Legit.

Leeloo Trading reviews:

Our team had done deep research on all reviews of Leeloo Trading from people that actually used the program, and the results were very clear.

Here are the most important notes that we got:

  • No review has claimed that they didn’t withdraw, they confirm withdrawals of the profits, and also the refund for Leeloo express fees.
  • Reviewers loved very much those 4 things:
  1. Low fees. check prices here. (Use this promo code for 15% discount: TF15)
  2. Easier rules.
  3. Fast and effective support.
  4. Free Ninja Trader Licence.
  • Lot of old reviews were talking about the bad design of the website.
  • A very big part of Leeloo traders are Latino.
  • We found 2 bad reviews that are related more to the PayPal auto subscription option, than Leeloo platform. Leeloo always sends emails to subscribers to cancel subscriptions if they don’t want to reactivate the account the next month.
  • Some reviews ask for a Leeloo Education Center to help traders learn more about trading and share experiences. But Leeloo Trading doesn’t provide that service.

The Leeloo Trading program is gaining more and more population due their excellent combination of rules and fees, and for their excellent support too.

Pros and Cons of Leeloo funded trading program:

Advantages of Leeloo funded trading program

  • Wider ranges for Trailing Drawdown and number of contracts:

In the $50k account, for Topstep, the Trailing Drawdown is $2.000, for Earn2Trade the Trailing Drawdown is $2.000, but for Leeloo Trading the Trailing Drawdown is $2.500.

The same thing for the number of contracts, in the $50k account, all programs doesn’t allow more than 6 contracts and you need to go through a Scaling Plan, but Leeloo Trading allows 8 contracts immediately, without scaling plan.

  • Low reset fees:

The minimum reset fees for all other platforms are $100 and more, Leeloo Trading allows a minimum reset fee between 75$ and 85$.

  • Minimum trading days for the challenge:

The maximum trading days are unlimited, and the minimum trading days at Leeloo Trading is only 10 days, which is not possible in other platforms that offer at least 15 days.

  • You can have up to 6 accounts:

This is not recommended for new traders, but If you are a very good trader, this option will help you increase your income very fast.

  • Get your paid-performance account fast:

This is actually a very important advantage of Leeloo Trading, when you succeed in your challenge, you only need to wait 2 to 3 days to get verified, sign the contract and get funded. Most platforms take more than six days to verify your results, some are taking weeks to do it.

  • Get 100% of your first $12,500 profit:

starting from August 2022, traders can get 100% of their profits, until they withdraw a total of $12,500. After that, the generous profit split will be applied.

  • Get 90% of the profits:

Yes, since August 2022, Leeloo Trading moved the profit share for its traders from 80% to 90%. that one of the best profit shares in the market until now.

  • You can trade during news and events:

The only futures platform that allows trading during events and news is Leeloo Trading, all other platforms avoid letting their traders start any position at that time.

  • Other advantages:
  1. You will get a Free NinjaTrader license key, which will save you money.
  2. You will get 100% of your first $12,500 profit.
  3. Possibility to start with the full size of your account.

Disadvantages of Leeloo Trading Program:

Actually, when you compare Leeloo to other platforms, there are very fews disadvantages of Leeloo Trading funded program.

  • Trailing Drawdown during the challenge:

As we said before, Leeloo doesn’t have a rule for consistency, but they still have this option that shows the consistency of their traders during the test. The trailing drawdown doesn’t stop when you reach the initial balance, it actually keeps rising when you keep making profits, and stops when you are losing positions.

  • No other services, especially education:

Leeloo Trading doesn’t offer other services like education. Many beginners and new traders choose a funded trading program only to start learning about trading, test tactics and strategies, and learn how to control emotions during trading in real life, which is not possible in a usual virtual account. This is why it is very important for Leeloo trading to think about adding a section for education.

Leeloo Trading program challenges:

Like all other platforms, to get a funded trading account on Leeloo, you must pass a challenge. Leeloo Trading offers multiple account sizes for traders, depending on their clients budget, but the most known offer from Leeloo Trading and the most used, is Leeloo Express.

Leeloo Express:

Leeloo Express is the cheapest offer to take the test, not only on the Leeloo platform, but also among all other platforms that exist on the web. The price of this challenge is only $77. (check here by your self)

Traders must achieve the target profit of this challenge in no more than 14 days (10 trading days).

If a trader passes the challenge successfully, there is a nice surprise waiting for him. Immediately after they have passed the challenge successfully, Traders can claim a refund for the $77 paid for the challenge. This option is one of the biggest advantages of the Leeloo Express offer, and explains why Leeloo is the best on this market.

Prices of Leeloo challenges:

Offer nameAccount sizeNumber of contractsPrice of challenge
Aspire$25.000 3 contracts$150
Launch$50.0008 contracts$180
Climb$100.00012 contracts$220
Cruise$150.00015 contracts$305
Burst$250.00025 contracts$525
Explode$300.00030 contracts$675
Special offers
Leeloo Express$100.00012 contracts$77 (14 days)
Glide/Micro$100.00020 micro contracts$145 (No trailing drawdown)

Rules of Leeloo challenges:

The majority of the community likes it, the rules on Leeloo trading are the most flexible and easier on the market. Actually, there is only one rule, don’t reach your trailing drawdown.

Only one important rule: The trailing Drawdown

This is the only rule that you have to respect during the challenge phase. So let’s explain it:

Let’s say that you did choose “Leeloo Launch” the $50k account size, the trailing drawdown for this account is $2.500, that means that you can’t reach the minimum account balance: $47.500 ($50.000 – $2.500 = $47.500). So if your account drops $2.500 down, from $50.000 to $47.500, then you will lose your account.

But let’s say that you did earn 1.000$, so your balance now is $51.000, now your trailing drawdown is calculated from that point, $51.000 – $2.500 = $48.500 , so you must not reach the new minimum account balance: $48.500. 

The minimum account balance will never go lower, it keeps rising if you make profits, and stops if you make losses.

Get more information about the Trailing Drawdown here.

2 additional rules:

  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • You must trade a minimum of 10 trading days.
No additional rules on Leeloo challenge:

As already said, Leeloo is not like other platforms, no need to be uncomfortable with many additional rules that can eliminate your account at any time. Here are the most known set of rules that Leeloo does not impose on traders:

  • No weekly loss limit
  • No daily loss limit
  • No consistency rule
  • No restriction on trading during news
  • No restriction on trading during during major economic release
  • No restriction on trading when market closed
  • No maximum days of trading
  • Allowed instruments on Leeloo Trading: CBOT, CME, COMEX, NYMEX

Crypto Futures: (BTC) (ETH) (MBT)

Equity Futures: (ES) (NKD) (NQ) (YM) (EMD) (RTY)

Interest Rate Futures: (GE) (ZT) (ZF) (ZN) (ZB) (ZQ) (UB)

Currency Futures: (6A) (6B) (6C) (6E) (6J) (6S) (6N) (6M) (E7) (J7)

Agricultural Futures: (HE) (LE) (GF) (ZC) (XC) (ZW) (ZS) (ZM) (ZL) (ZO) (ZR)

Energy Futures: (CL) (HO) (QM) (NG) (QG) (RB)

Metal Futures: (GC) (SI) (HG) (PL) (PA) (QI) (QO)

Micro Futures: (MES) (MYM) (MNQ) (M2K) (MBT) (MGC) (M6A) (M6B)(M6E) (MJY) (MCD)

how to start the Leeloo Challenge?

You will be guided step by step during the process, and we recommend that you read all emails from Leeloo Trading at this stage, and all pages that they recommend you to read before you start. The Leeloo Support section is a very important source of information. Here are the major steps that you will follow during your registration:

  1. Go to Leeloo Trading website, and choose the offer that meets your budget and your needs.
  2. Use this promo code to get 15% off: TF15 (not valid for Leeloo Express)
  3. Leeloo will send you your login credentials, and also a NinjaTrader license key.
  4. Download and connect to Rithmic Trader Pro. There will be a step where you choose either a Non-Professional or Professional account. Most traders choose Non-Professional, and it is recommended. If you choose Professional, you will have to pay extra fees.
  5. Connect to NinjaTrader.
  6. Start Trading.

Here is a more detailed blog post on how to start a challenge at Leeloo Trading.

What happens after you win the Leeloo challenge?

1- Be sure you have passed the test:

You need to verify first that you have successfully passed the test. To do that, you have to check 3 things:

Reach your profit target:

Even if this is unmistakable to check, there are very few cases where traders made mistakes on that. When you check that you reach your goal, don’t do it at NinjaTrader, you have to do it at Rithmic. The data at NinjaTrader can be a little different from the real account. So always do it from Rithmic.

Traded minimum of 10 days:

Make sure to do this on Rithmic too. Open your account at Rithmic, check at least 10 days separately, and that you have at least 1 filled order in every day. 

Stop Trading:

Immediately after confirming that you did reach your profit target, and that you have traded for 10 days, check if you still have any active trade, close all positions that are still open, you certainly don’t want to go back below your profit target.

2-1 Wait for the emails: (not valid for Leeloo Express)

No need to send screenshots anymore like the 2019 and 2020 version of the program, this was very boring. So now, once you reach the target profit, and stop all positions, you don’t need to do anything! The Leeloo team will contact you.

  • First they will send you a Congratulation email where they confirm that your trade performance is good and you are ready to go. In this email, you will receive your certificate of achievement, and also a link that will help you submit the final information to get your PA account.
  • Then and in less than 24 hours, the Leeloo team will set your account and send you credentials to your Performance Account.

2-2 For Leeloo Express: Send a ticket

Steps are a little different for the Leeloo Express challenge. After being sure that you did pass the test, you must send a ticket to the support team from your account. This ticket should not be sent on the same day of your last position, you have to wait for the next day to send this ticket.

The ticket is very simple to write, you only need a 6 line letter like this:

  1. “Your Name”
  2. “Your Rithmic User ID” (username, i.e. LL000907)
  3. “Your Rithmic Account Number for the Express”  (i.e. LL000907-006)
  4. “Your Rithmic Account Number that received the rolled profit” (i.e. LL000907-007)
  5. “type: “Today is NOT my 10th day.””
  6. “Type out 10 individual trading days dates.  (i.e. 6/24, 6/27, 6/28, 7/1 etc)  only 10 days needed even if you traded more”

After doing all this, Leeloo will send you the confirmation email of your success, then will set your account and you can start trading.

3- Choose The Performance Account Option that you want: The Accelerator or The Investor

For the Performance Account, you have to choose one of the 2 options that Leeloo trading offers for you, the accelerator or the investor, those two options differ in terms of number of contracts traded, max withdrawals and the trailing drawdown.

Very Important note:

If you intend to choose the accelerator option, no matter the size of the account that you choose during the challenge, you will get funded with the $100k account. So just choose the cheapest challenge. This is something that Leeloo needs to clarify or to fix. read the description below for more details.

The Accelerator:

The Accelerator option is designed for Traders that want to take all profits after 30 calendar days (not trading days), you can make withdrawals of all your profits if you want, but it is not recommended to do that, let’s understand why.

There are 2 phases on the Accelerator option, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t make a withdrawal when you want.

Phase 1:

All traders will get a $100.000 performance account, with max loss of $625, this max loss will never change in this phase, it doesn’t work like the trailing drawdown in the challenge stage. So your minimum balance for this account will be $99.375, if reached, your account will be closed.

Only 2 contracts are allowed in phase 1, or 20 micro-contracts.

When you make $2.000 profits, and your balance is now $102.000, you can contact the support immediately to start phase 2.

Phase 2:

Your balance now is equal or more than $102.000, and then your minimum account balance is moved to $100.100, this minimum balance will never change or move, so if you reach it, your account will be closed.

The good news is that you don’t have a daily or weekly or monthly max loss, you will never be eliminated if you don’t reach your minimum balance $100.100.


You can ask for withdrawals after 30 calendar days, even with Paypal or check or wire transfer. For Paypal, you can withdraw up to $2.000 per month, but there are no limits for checks and wire transfers.

Scaling Plan:

In the Accelerator funded account, you need to follow the Scaling Plan. You will start trading with 2 contracts, and when you reach a certain profit, you will be allowed to add more contracts.

Trading overnight: 

It is actually not recommended by Leeloo, but they allow you to trade only 3 mini contracts if you intend to trade overnight, and you can get more depending on your results.

The Investor:

The Investor option is designed for traders that want to trade the number of contracts that they need without limits, they will also get a larger max loss limit but with a trailing drawdown.

Here are some important information about the Investor option:

  • Traders can ask for withdrawals of profits after 30 trading days (not calendar days).
  • Traders can withdraw only a portion of their profits in the first 4 months of their trading. For example, for the $50.000 account, they can withdraw $1.500 every month, but in the 5th month, there is no limit for withdrawals.
  • Traders can trade with all contracts of their performance account on the first day, no limits.
  • The max loss is a trailing drawdown, so it moves when you trade, but it stops after the minimum account balance reaches your initial balance. For example: for the $50.000 account, when the minimum account balance moves to $50.100, it remains fixed and doesn’t move anymore.


Leeloo Trading funded futures program is one of the best programs that exist on the market, strong competitors to older programs like Earn2Trade program and Topstep program, since they are offering a better set of rules and pricing, and that’s the most important subject that matter for any new trader.

Leeloo Trading logo Get 25% off immediately. Use code: TF25
Leeloo Trading logo Get Leeloo Express for $77!!!.

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  1. bjr je me nomme gbeo sylvanus et je vous suit depuis la cote d’ivoire
    je veux commencer un défi Leeloo . mai je voudrai être mieux informer sur leur mode de paiement . je veux dire la procédure pour retire ses gains

    • La méthode des paiements dépend de l’option que tu as choisie après avoir réussi le test.
      Si tu choisie l’option “L’Accélérateur”:
      Vous pouvez demander des retraits après 30 jours calendaires, même avec Paypal ou par chèque ou virement bancaire. Pour Paypal, vous pouvez retirer jusqu’à 2000$ par mois, mais il n’y a aucune limite pour les chèques et les virements bancaires.
      Si tu choisie l’option “L’investisseur”:
      Les traders peuvent demander des retraits de bénéfices après 30 jours de bourse (pas de jours calendaires).
      Les traders ne peuvent retirer qu’une partie de leurs bénéfices au cours des 4 premiers mois de leur trading. Par exemple, pour le compte de 50000$, ils peuvent retirer 1500$ chaque mois, mais dans le 5ème mois, il n’y a pas de limite de retraits.


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