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Leeloo Trading was founded by Jody Dahl in 2020; it is a proprietary trading firm based in Roundup, Montana. The CEO of Leeloo Trading is Chris.

Leeloo Trading’s legitimacy is verified by more than 300 day traders around the world in Trustpilot. Leeloo Trading has a friendly CEO and customer support and has good user reviews.

Leeloo Trading sets both a profit target and a trailing drawdown. However, Leeloo Trading rules don’t eliminate day traders when they trade during market close and it doesn’t have a consistency rule.

Leeloo Trading offers multiple account sizes with different prices, and it offers also Leeloo Bundles. After purchasing from Leeloo Trading, day traders get email login credentials. They can then trade on platforms like Rithmic or NinjaTrader.

Leeloo Trading has one primary rule for traders during the challenge: Avoid reaching the trailing drawdown. Additionally, traders are required to reach a profit target and use specific trading instruments.

In this article, we comprehensively review the Leeloo Trading prop firm and we offer essential information to help day traders begin an evaluation with Leeloo Trading.

what is Leeloo Trading?

Leeloo Trading is a prop trading firm established in Roundup, Montana by Jody Dahl in 2020. Managed by its CEO Chris, Leeloo Trading offers futures traders access to funded trading accounts upon passing a trading evaluation, called Practice Accounts.

A prop trading firm is a company that trades financial assets using its own capital, not client money. Unlike investment firms, their main goal is direct market profits. Prop trading firms typically employ professional traders who use a variety of strategies to try to generate profits for the firm. Traders are rewarded based on their performance.

who is Leeloo Trading’s founder?

Leeloo Trading founder - jody dahl

Leeloo Trading’s founder is Jody Dahl. Born in Roundup, Montana, she embodies the values of hard work and dedication. Despite beginning her trading journey in 2015 with minimal experience, Jody rapidly rose to become one of the industry’s most successful traders. Apart from her achievements in trading, she has displayed a remarkable work ethic and has been integral in establishing and growing Leeloo Trading to international recognition.

What makes Leeloo Trading Legit?

Leeloo Trading is considered legit due to its effective customer service team and for revealing its real identity to the community. The company boasts a 4.9-star rating on Trustpilot from over 300 reviews. Traders have reported receiving their payments punctually. The company is commended for its supportive leadership and its transparent evaluation process. All this information indicates that users generally view the company as trustworthy not a scam.

Does Leeloo Trading send payouts to its traders?

Yes, Leeloo Trading sends payouts to its traders. Its only payment method available is Paypal. Traders can withdraw their profits once a month at the end of the month.

Does Leeloo Trading have good User Reviews and Testimonials?

Yes, Leeloo Trading has good user reviews and testimonials. On Trustpilot, Leeloo Trading has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, based on over 300 reviews. 96% of these reviews are 5-star ratings, and less than 1% of reviews claim that Leeloo Trading is a scam.

Does Leeloo Trading have good Customer Support?

Yes, Leeloo Trading has good and effective customer support with the lead of their CEO Chiris. According to user reviews, the company’s customer support team is prompt and effective. They are available via email and live chat.

what are Leeloo Trading’s advantages?

Leeloo Trading has 9 advantages. Here is a list of Leeloo Trading’s advantages:

  • Free Trial: Leeloo Trading provides a 14-day trial for traders to test their platform.
  • Available Worldwide: Day Traders from around the world can get funding from Leeloo Trading.
  • Accessible to swing traders: Leeloo Trading has a special account for swing traders called “The Glide”.
  • Flexible Account Sizes: Leeloo Trading funds traders with account balances ranging from $25,000 up to $300,000.
  • Attractive Payouts: They offer a 100% profit split for the first $12,500 in profits. Then adjusts to a 90/10 split in favor of the trader.
  • Easy Rules: Leeloo Trading has only one eliminating rule; don’t hit the trailing drawdown.
  • High reduction in reset fees: reset fees range between $75 and $85.
  • Free license to NinjaTrader Platform: Leeloo Trading’s Traders use NinjaTrader for free.
  • Flexible trading hours: Traders are allowed to trade during news and market close.

what are Leeloo Trading’s disadvantages?

Leeloo Trading has 2 disadvantages. Here is a list of Leeloo Trading’s disadvantages:

  • Limitation on profit withdrawal: Traders can only withdraw profit once a month.
  • Absence of education center: Leeloo Trading doesn’t provide any training of any kind.

What are Leeloo Trading’s pricing tiers?

Leeloo Trading pricing varies from $137 to $657 depending on the chosen account size. The table below lists the fees for each account size:

Account nameAccount sizePrice
Leeloo Express$100K$77
The Glide100K STATIC$145
Cruise$150K $305

Does Leeloo Trading offer price discounts?

Yes, Leeloo Trading grants discounts on their prices, ranging from 25% off to 80% off. To receive these discounts, traders should use this Leeloo Trading discount link and enter either coupon code: TFMAX or TF25. TFMAX coupon code is dynamic, it automatically reflect the most recent discount available upon use. TF25 coupon code offers 25% off discount by default. Leeloo Trading applied The discount instantly upon purchasing the evaluation.

Does Leeloo Trading allow multiple accounts?

Yes, Leeloo Trading allows multiple accounts. Day traders can trade 10 Leeloo Trading accounts at the same time. all accounts are under the same Rithmic ID.

How does Leeloo Trading work?

Leeloo Trading’s procedure consists of 9 steps, the trader ensures the system works correctly by following these 9 steps below:

  1. Choose and buy the Practice Account of choice.
  2. Download and Install Rhitmic Trader Pro.
  3. Login with the credentials to Rhitmic.
  4. Login with the credentials received by email to the wanted trading platform.
  5. Achieve the trading objectives while adhering to the trading rules.
  6. Stop trading.
  7. Receive a funded trading account in the next 2 days.
  8. Earn profits on the funded trading account.
  9. Withdraw your share of profits.

Does Leeloo Trading’s Dashboard provide live data?

No, Leeloo Trading’s Dashboard doesn’t provide live data of trading account balances. Account Data can be verified through Rhitmic Trader Pro.

What are Leeloo Trading Rules?

There are 3 main rules for Leeloo Trading. The Guidelines are listed below:

  • Avoid hitting the trailing drawdown.
  • Trade 10 trading days minimum.
  • Exclude trading instruments not allowed.

The table below shows the trailing drawdown value and the contract size of every account size:

Account nameAccount sizeTrailing DrawdownContract Size
Leeloo Express$100K$7712 (120 Micros)
The Glide100K STATIC$1452 (20 Micros)
Aspire$25K$1503 (30 Micros)
Launch$50K$1808 (80 Micros)
Climb$100K$22012 (120 Micros)
Cruise$150K $30515 (150 Micros)
Burst$250K$52525 (250 Micros)
Explode$300K$67530 (300 Micros)

How does Leeloo Trading’s Trailing Drawdown work?

Leeloo Trading’s Trailing Drawdown works as a dynamic risk management tool, adjusting in real-time based on unrealized profits during the trading of futures. For example, in a $50,000 account with a $2,500 trailing drawdown, the minimum balance is initially $47,500. If a trader has a trade with $523 in unrealized profits, but eventually closes the trade with only $115 in profits, the minimum balance allowed adjusts to $48,023, considering the peak unrealized profit, not the realized one. In Leeloo’s trading challenges, the trailing drawdown continually trails with the profits, without a limit. However, for funded “Investor” accounts, it stops when the account balance is $100 above the initial balance. Conversely, the “Accelerator” option in Leeloo Trading does not implement a trailing drawdown.

What are Leeloo Trading’s Trading Hours?

Leeloo Trading’s trading hours allow positions to be held during the 1-hour market close from 17:00 EST to 18:00 EST and over weekends. In Practice Accounts, positions can be maintained through this period. However, for Performance Accounts, up to 3 micro contracts can be held during the close, while standard lots require administrative approval. Without permission, trades should be settled 15 minutes before each instrument’s market close, such as 16:45 EST for ES and 14:05 EST for Corn (ZC).

What are Leeloo Trading’s Instruments?

Leeloo Trading’s Instruments are listed below:

  • Equity Futures: Examples include E-mini S&P 500, Nikkei NKD, and E-mini NASDAQ 100.
  • Interest Rate Futures: Such as 2-Year Note, 10-Year Note, and Treasury Bond.
  • Currency Futures: Including Australian Dollar, Euro FX, and Japanese Yen.
  • Agricultural Futures: Like Corn, Wheat, and Live Cattle.
  • Energy Futures: Examples are Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and Heating Oil.
  • Metal Futures: Including Gold, Silver, and Copper.
  • Micro Futures: Such as Micro E-Mini S&P 500, Micro Crude Oil, and Micro Bitcoin.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Micro Bitcoin.

Leeloo Trading uses which trading platforms?

Leeloo Trading uses the 15 trading platforms listed below:

  1. Ninjatrader 7
  2. Ninjatrader 8
  3. Rithmic Pro
  4. EdgeProX
  5. Motive Wave
  6. Multicharts
  7. ATAS
  8. Finamark Systems
  9. Jigsaw Daytradr
  10. Trade Navigator
  11. VolFix
  12. Bookmap X-Ray
  13. Investor/RT (Linnsoft)
  14. Sierra Charts 
  15. OptimusFLOW

How To Set Up Rithmic for Leeloo Trading?

To Set Up Rithmic for Leeloo Trading, traders must follow the following 9 steps to trade using Rithmic:

  1. Buy the preferred plan.
  2. Download and install Rithmic rTrader Pro.
  3. Open RTrader Pro software.
  4. Turn the Market Date off.
  5. Log in to Rithmic rTrader Pro using the provided credentials.
  6. Choose: “Rithmic Paper Trading” for “System”.
  7. choose: “Chicago” for “Gateway”.
  8. Accept Rithmic Agreements.
  9. Choose “Non-Professional”.

How To Set Up NinjaTrader 8 for Leeloo Trading?

To Set Up NinjaTrader 8 for Leeloo Trading, traders must follow the following 11 steps:

  1. Create a free NinjaTrader account.
  2. Launch NinjaTrader 8 and login.
  3. Go to NinjaTrader Control Center → Click Help → Click License Key.
  4. Replace the current key with the SIM key provided by Leeloo.
  5. Click OK and Restart Ninja.
  6. Click Connections → Click Configure.
  7. Select Rithmic for NinjaTrader Brokerage.
  8. Set the Connection Name of your choice.
  9. Input Username and Password.
  10. Choose System as ‘Rithmic Paper Trading (Chicago)’.
  11. Click Apply, then OK.

Does Leeloo Trading allow Copiyng Trades?

Yes, Leeloo Trading does allow the copying of trades, but trade copiers are explicitly prohibited on weekly accounts.