After passing Leeloo Trading’s evaluation, traders get a Leeloo Performance Account™. They withdraw their earnings based on Leeloo Trading’s payout policy and receive a share of the profits they make.

Leeloo Trading’s payout rules enable traders to initiate their first payout request after completing a minimum of 30 traded days. For subsequent payouts, traders must trade for at least 10 days within a month. Upon requesting their first payout, traders are entitled to keep 100% of the first $12,500 of their earnings. For any profits beyond this amount, traders receive 90% of their earnings.

Leeloo Trading processes payout requests on the last week of each month, specifically on the last Monday for efficiency. Payouts at Leeloo Trading are processed through the payment platform Rise, enabling withdrawals to both bank accounts and cryptocurrency wallets, including GBP, EUR, and various digital currencies.

This article provides a detailed overview of the payout and withdrawal policy at Leeloo Trading. It addresses key aspects, including payment methods, scheduling, fees, limitations, and tax considerations.

What is the Leeloo Trading payout policy?

Leeloo Trading processes trader payout requests on the last Monday of each month, allowing traders to retain 100% of their first $12,500 in profits and 90% thereafter, with payouts available via the payment platform Rise, and requiring a minimum of 30 traded days for the first request and every 10 traded days for subsequent requests, without minimum or maximum amount restrictions. Here are the key aspects of the Leeloo Tradin policy in detail:

  • Payout Eligibility: After 30 days of trading and hitting certain goals, traders can ask for a payout. This request needs to happen on the last Monday of any month.
  • Trading Restriction: No trading is allowed from the request time until the payout is done.
  • Payout Request Process: For a payout, traders must use the support site to submit their details and the payout amount they want.
  • Payment Methods: Payments can be through Rise.
  • Payout Timing and Fees: Payouts happen once a month in the last week. Leeloo covers any Wise fees, but traders pay any extra bank charges.
  • Payout Limits: For the Accelerator account, there are no limits on how much you can ask for after the initial 30 days and then every 10 days for more payouts. For Investor accounts, it depends on account size.
  • Profit Share: Traders get all of the first $12,500 they ask for; above that, they get 90%. Traders must check their bank accepts Leeloo’s payments. No crypto payouts because of their price changes.

What’s the minimum withdrawal amount at Leeloo Trading?

For Leeloo Trading’s Performance Accounts, the minimum withdrawal amount differs between the Accelerator and Investor account types:

  • For the Accelerator Account, there are no specified minimum or maximum payout restrictions mentioned for the initial and subsequent payout requests, except for maintaining the account balance above $100,100 to avoid account closure.
  • For the Investor Account, the first four payout requests require a minimum of $1,000. These payouts are also subject to achieving specific benchmarks related to the account’s balance threshold, with a maximum limit on them as determined by the account’s size.

What’s the maximum withdrawal amount at Leeloo Trading?

While there are no minimum or maximum limits stated for Accelerator Performance Account, the maximum withdrawal amount at Leeloo Trading for an Investor Performance Account varies depending on the size of the account and the payment request number:

  • For accounts with 3 contracts, the maximum withdrawal amount is $1,000.
  • For accounts with 8 contracts, the maximum is $1,500.
  • For accounts with 12 contracts, the maximum is $1,750.
  • For accounts with 15 contracts, the maximum is $2,000.
  • For accounts with 25 contracts, the maximum is $2,500.
  • For accounts with 30 contracts, the maximum is $3,000.

What’s Leeloo Trading’s Minimum Balance For Withdrawals?

Leeloo Trading requires a minimum account balance to keep after withdrawals, here are the minimum balances for every account:

  • $26,600 for 3 contract accounts.
  • $52,600 for 8 contract accounts.
  • $103,100 for 12 contract accounts.
  • $155,100 for 15 contract accounts.
  • $256,600 for 25 contract accounts.
  • $307,600 for 30 contract accounts.

If balances fall below these amounts, accounts may close.

What are Leeloo Trading’s withdrawal methods?

Leeloo Trading’s withdrawal methods include direct payments to bank accounts and cryptocurrency wallets through the Rise platform, which supports currencies such as GBP, EUR, and various digital currencies.

When traders can withdraw from Leeloo Trading?

Traders with a Leeloo Trading Performance Account can request a withdrawal based on the following criteria:

  • For the First Payout: After actively trading for at least 30 individual days, they can make their first payout request.
  • For the Second to Fourth Payouts: withdrawals can be requested once every calendar month, provided the trader has traded at least 10 active trading days during that month.
  • For the Fifth Payout and Beyond: Requests can be made once every 30 calendar days as long as a minimum of 10 individual days are actively traded.

All payout requests must be made on the last Monday of the month for processing in the last week of that month.

How fast is Leeloo Trading’s payout process?

Leeloo Trading’s payout process initiates when a trader requests a payout on the last Monday of each month. The payouts are then processed within the final week of the month. The timing for the funds to be received depends on the withdrawal method used via the Rise platform:

  • Bank Transfers: 1-3 business days.
  • Crypto Wallets: Minutes to hours, depending on the network.

How does the payout process work at Leeloo Trading?

The payout process at Leeloo Trading works as follows:

  1. Meet Trading Requirements: Fulfill minimum trading days and rules.
  2. Submit Request: Through Leeloo’s platform, provide payout amount and banking info.
  3. Documentation: Verify or update tax and banking details if necessary.
  4. Leeloo Processing: Payouts are processed in the last week of the month.
  5. Receive Funds: Wait for the payout to reach your account; timing depends on the payment method.
  6. Repeat for Future Payouts: Ensure ongoing compliance with trading requirements.

what are Leeloo Trading’s payout restrictions?

Leeloo Trading’s payout restrictions are structured as follows:

  • Prohibited Countries: Leeloo Trading restricts services to traders from countries under OFAC sanctions or those that do not comply with specific financial regulatory standards, affecting the ability to offer payouts or trading opportunities in those regions.
  • Account Type: Payouts are exclusively available from Performance Accounts (Investor and Accelerator accounts), not from practice or evaluation accounts.
  • Minimum Payout: The first four payouts require a minimum amount based on the contract size of the account. From the fifth payout onwards, there are no minimum or maximum payout restrictions.
  • Minimum Trading Days: For the first payout, a minimum of 30 traded days is required. Subsequent payouts require at least 10 traded days within a 30-day period before a payout request can be made.
  • Additional Requirements and Restrictions: Traders must not engage in new trades once a payout is requested until the process is completed. Also, it’s important to note that due to regulatory and practical reasons, payouts cannot be made via cryptocurrencies.

What is the Leeloo Trading profit share?

Leeloo Trading offers a profit share structure where traders receive up to 100% of their first $12,500 in profits, then 90% of the profit requested above $12,500.

What to know about taxes on Leeloo Trading payouts?

Leeloo Trading outlines specific tax implications for its traders who operate the Leeloo Performance Account™, treated as independent contractors. Here is a structured summary of the information regarding taxes:

  1. USA-Based Traders:
    • Required to complete a W-9 form.
    • Must maintain a current mailing address to receive a yearly 1099-NEC form.
  2. Non-USA-Based Traders:
    • Required to submit a W-8BEN form upon the first payout request.
    • No reports will be sent to non-US citizens.
  3. General Tax Responsibilities:
    • Traders should consult a qualified accountant for questions and tax reporting advice.

does Leeloo Trading apply withdrawal fees?

Leeloo Trading does not apply withdrawal fees directly to traders. Payouts are processed without any fees from Leeloo’s side. However, if the trader’s financial institution imposes additional fees for receiving the payout, those fees are the trader’s responsibility.

Does Leeloo Trading Pay Out?

Yes, Leeloo Trading does pay out to its traders. Launched by Jody Dahl in 2020, Leeloo Trading is appreciated for its trading evaluation program. With user testimonials reflecting satisfaction, it holds a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on Trustpilot across more than 300 reviews, demonstrating the legitimacy and reliability of Leeloo Trading in managing and executing trader payouts. However, it also presents limitations, such as the restriction on profit withdrawals to once a month.

Verified Withdrawal Proofs from Leeloo Trading Traders

Visual proof of withdrawal couldn’t be found, but here are a few actual proofs of Leeloo Trading payouts as evidenced by Trustpilot:

Will withdrawals alter Leeloo Trading’s trading rules?

No, withdrawals will not alter Leeloo Trading’s trading rules.