Choosing a good funded trading program is the first step, and the most important step to win a funded trading account. Since every program comes with a different set of rules and pricing, you have to be sure that the program that you have chosen is the right decision that fits your strategy and your pocket.

In this article, we will show you all the differences between Earn2Trade and Leeloo Trading. We will not only talk about pricing and rules, but also about the customer support, and all hidden options of every product..

The main comparison will be between Leeloo Trading and The Gauntlet Mini™ product by Earn2Trade, since Earn2Trade have another product called The Gauntlet™ which is way different from Leeloo Trading product.

Introduction to Leeloo Trading and Earn2Trade

What does a funded trading program means?

A funded trading program is a contract between two parties: a proprietary trading firm and a trader. First, the proprietary trading firm tests the trader to know if he has the skills and abilities to trade and win constant profits. When the trader passes the test successfully, he will receive a real trading account funded by the proprietary trading firm. The gains that the trader will make will be split between the proprietary trading firm and the trader. When the trader makes losses, the contract will be ended. The trader has to redo the process to win a new funded trading account.

The most known funded trading programs are either for Forex trading or Futures trading.

Leeloo and Earn2Trade are funded futures trading programs.

Leeloo Trading

Leeloo Trading logo

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Founded in 2019 by Jody Dahl, Leeloo Trading has gained a wide popularity in a very short time. This is due to their set of pricing and rules that are the most affordable in the market. The Leeloo Trading program is very well known with the Leeloo Express offer, where traders can run an evaluation that costs only 77$, and they should trade only 10 trading days to prove their skills.

The founders; Jody Dahl, Brett Debruycker and Jacque Debruycker, have a long background in the field of agriculture and livestock, this is why we see some images of the western life in their website. The CEO Jody Dahl is known as a successful business woman that can manage any business with minimum expense. 

Leeloo Trading offers only one product which is the challenge, but you can choose from 9 offers depending on the account size and the number of contracts.

Know more about Leeloo Trading here. you can also discover how to start your first challenge at Leeloo here.


earn2trade logo

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Unlike Leeloo Trading, Earn2Trade is a bigger company with multiple products; An education center called Bootcamp, The Gauntlet™, and The Gauntlet Mini™.

So basically
Earn2Trade is an education center with multiple professional mentors that teaches students to understand the secrets of futures trading and help them step by step and with direct mentoring until they become professional traders. 

So Earn2Trade clients have to choose one of those products:

  • The Bootcamp: include courses and webinars and mentoring, direct mentoring in a virtual account, and finally you will pass The Gauntlet™ evaluation that can allow you if successfully passed to get a funded futures trading account.
  • The Gauntlet™: You can override The Bootcamp and buy only The Gauntlet™ product. The Gauntlet™ is a 60 days evaluation with only one time payment, if you reach 10% profits after 60 days, you will get a funded trading account.
  • The Gauntlet Mini™: This is almost the same product offered by Leeloo Trading but with different pricing and rules. There are 6 offers for that product depending on the account size and number of contracts.

Know more about Earn2Trade here.

Compare the pricing between Leeloo Trading and The Gauntlet Mini™ by Earn2Trade

The prices of most funded trading programs fluctuate every time, you can just click here to see the latest prices for Earn2Trade, or click here to see the latest prices for Leeloo Trading.

Comparing the prices:

Here are the standard pricing that we see on their websites without promotions, and number of contracts allowed with it:

Size Leeloo Trading logo earn2trade logo
$25,000$150 (3)$150 (3)
$50,000$180 (8)$170 (6)
$75,000—–$245 (9)
$100,000$220 (12)$315 (12)
$150,000$305 (15)$350 (15)
$250,000$525 (25)—–
$300,000$675 (30)—–

Additional offers:

Earn2Trade “The Gauntlet™”:

It’s actually another product called The Gauntlet™; you have to trade for 60 days exactly and win 10% profits in a $25,000 account. The price of this product is $429.

Leeloo Trading “Express” and “Glide”:

Leeloo Express: It’s the most popular offer from Leeloo Trading. You have to trade for only 15 days (~10 trading days), on a $100,000 account. The price of this offer is $77. Leeloo Express is actually very hard to pass because the time is very limited, but it’s still the cheapest option in the market.

The Glide: it’s a micro contract offer where you can trade with 20 micro contracts, or 2 full contracts. You have to trade at least 10 trading days on a $100,000 account. The cost is $145.

Analysing the prices between Leeloo Trading and Earn2Trade:

So as we can see, there are some differences between Leeloo Trading and Earn2Trade in the matter of prices, almost all sizes have the same number of contracts, but Leeloo Trading is cheaper for $100k and $150k accounts.

All platforms use the size of the account to describe the offer , for example $50,000 or $100,000, but actually, this is not very much important. There are 2 criteria that you have to check when you choose an offer: Number of contracts allowed, and your Drawdown.

But, there are some additional notes that you should know about the prices of Leeloo Trading and the Gauntlet Mini™.

Leeloo Trading logo earn2trade logo
Leeloo also makes promotions every month, but for a very limited time. Always follow their website, facebook or twitter page for news.The prices above always fluctuate, Earn2Trade offer promotions almost every month, and the offers are most of time very generous.
Leeloo Trading provides two additional offers:
Leeloo Express: a 15 calendar days evaluation that cost 77$.
Glide: price is $145. Trade with 20 Micro contracts or 2 standard contracts, for at least 15 days
Earn2Trade provide one additional offer which is The Gauntlet™: a 60 calendar days evaluation that cost $429. 
You can use all contracts on the first day.You can’t use all allowed contracts on the first day.
The cheapest offer is always Leeloo Express $77.The cheapest offer can go with the promotion to $90.

Compare the rules of Leeloo Trading vs Earn2Trade (The Gauntlet Mini™)

There are many differences between Leeloo Trading and The Gauntlet Mini™, in matters of max losses, the trailing drawdown, number of contracts and much more. Let’s discover them together.

Differences between Leeloo Trading vs Earn2Trade

Below are all the differences between Leeloo Trading and The Gauntlet Mini™ by Earn2Trade.

Leeloo Trading logo earn2trade logo
Scaling rule for contractsNoYes
Number of evaluation steps11
Minimum trading days1015
Trading after market closedYesno
Trading during majoreconomic releaseYesno
Daily loseNoYes
Weekly loseNono
Trailing DrawdownYesYes
Consistency ruleNoYes
Reset fees$85$100
Free ninja trader licence during EvaluationYesYes
Free ninja trader licence during funded accountYesNo
Earning split for the trader90%80%
Get 100% of the first profitYes
Exchange data fee in the funded account$88$105
Reject wrong actionYesNo

As we can see; Leeloo Trading won this part. Especially on three important points:

Scaling rule: there is no scaling rule at Leeloo Trading. You can use all contracts on your first trading day. But for Earn2Trade, You can’t trade all allowed contracts on your first trading day. You have to respect the scaling rule called “the Progression Ladder”. For example for $50k you can start only with 2 contracts until you reach $1,501 profits then 4 contracts, and 6 contracts with $2,001 profits.

Consistency rule: there is no consistency rule at Leeloo Trading. But for Earn2Trade there is a consistency rule “no single trading day can account for more than 30% of your total PnL.”

Reject wrong action: When you don’t respect a rule, Leeloo Trading rejects your action automatically, and you can continue trading with no problem. But with Earn2Trade, when you don’t respect one of the rules, your account will be closed and you will need to reset your account to continue trading.

Rules to be respected during trading:

Lot of traders are scared of not respecting a rule and get rejected. Here are the rules of each platform that must be respected to not lose your account.

Leeloo Trading logo earn2trade logo
– Trade minimum 10 days
– Respect the trailing drawdown
– Trade minimum 15 days
– Respect the trailing drawdown
– Respect daily loss limits
– Respect the scaling plan ““the Progression Ladder”
– Respect approved times
– Respect consistency rule

Customer support differences between Leeloo Trading and Earn2Trade:

For the customer support, Earn2Trade have a bigger advantages than Leeloo Trading, by providing Live chat support.

Leeloo Trading logo earn2trade logo
– Email Support
– Response with email in less than 24 hours.
– Good FAQ section
– Live Chat Available
– Very quick response in the live chat (less than 5 min)
– Email support
– Response with email in less than 24 hours.
– Good FAQ section


We already talked about the legitimacy of both Earn2Trade and Leeloo Trading in other articles, and we find out that both programs are legit and can’t be a scam. So now it’s all about the comparison above.

So if you seek great support and better pricing, Earn2Trade is your best choice, since they offer from time to time excellente promotions for traders. Click here and start your journey with Earn2Trade.

And if you seek for less rules and trade without being scared of hidden rules, your best choice is Leeloo Trading and it’s our recommended platform for you to start in the field of funded trading programs. Click here and start your first challenge with Leeloo Trading.

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