SurgeTrader Review: A Funded Trading Program for Forex Traders

SurgeTrader review

SurgeTrader is a proprietary trading firm offering a funded trading program for forex traders worldwide. The firm aims to help traders earn substantial profits by providing funding for trading across various financial markets. With a one-step evaluation process and straightforward trading rules, SurgeTrader makes it easy for traders to start. The firm partners with Valo …

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Daniel Martin: Founder of City Trader Imperium

Daniel Martin City trader Imperium Founder

Daniel Martin Early Life and Personality Daniel Bautista Martin is an accomplished professional trader and investigator who immigrated to London from Spain in 2000. Despite the challenges of speaking English and having dyslexia, Daniel was able to educate himself on trading through audiobooks. To support himself, his family, and his trading endeavors, he worked two …

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Reviewing The Freestyle Trading Program From The5ers

FreeStyle Trading program by The5ers full review

What is the Freestyle Trading Program?  Freestyle Trading Program is a new funded trading program for forex traders that was just launched by The5ers. Freestyle Trading Program is a BETA offer, which means some modifications may be made as time goes on, depending on the feedback and data gotten from traders as they partake in …

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Top 7 Trusted funded trading programs- Forex & Futures

Top 7 Trusted funded trading programs Forex & Futures 2

You can choose from plenty of funded trading programs, but you can’t guarantee the reliability of all those programs. So when you select a funded trading program, you first need to check the program’s reliability, then the rules, then the prices, then other details that may be important for you and your trading skills and …

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FTMO Evaluation Rules: Everything You Need To Know

FTMO forex rules trading objectives

The FTMO funded trading program has specific rules that guide the traders in their conduct as well as describe the expectations and the targets that need to be met for traders to complete each stage of the program. The FTMO rules ensure that traders are disciplined in their approach to the program which will enable …

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City Traders Imperium (CTI) Funded Trading Program for forex traders

City Traders Imperium CTI Tips info review

WHAT IS City Traders Imperium? City Traders Imperium or CTI is a prop trading firm that provides funding to selected traders through its funded trader program. It is also an educational company that operates an online educational trading community where useful trading tools and educational materials are made available to traders within that community. What …

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FTMO VS Old Topstep Forex: Which is the best?

FTMO vs TopStep Forex best choice

This article was written when the Topstep Forex program was still running, but since April 2022, Topstep has said Goodbye to Forex markets and invited their Forex community to join the Futures program. Why did Topstep shut down the Forex program? Most members of the Topstep team are Futures traders, and it becomes harder for …

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The5ers Funded Trading Program For Forex Traders

THE5ERS funded trading program tips

WHAT IS THE5%ERS? The5%ers is a funding and growing trading company that provides traders with an opportunity to have access to a funded account to trade the forex market. The company was established in the year 2016 and it is based in Israel with a branch office in the United Kingdom. The5%ers make fully-funded forex …

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Audacity Capital Review: Everything you need to know

Audacity Capital explained guide

Introduction to Audacity Capital What is Audacity Capital? Audacity Capital is a prop firm based in London that specializes in empowering Forex traders by making funding accounts available for up to $500,000. The company was founded ten years ago by Karim Yousfi and it has provided funding to more than 5,000 traders so far. It …

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Otakar Å uffner: CEO and Co-Founder of FTMO

Otakar Å uffner - Co-Founder of FTMO

Otakar Å uffner is a young entrepreneur and stock trader who is also the co-founder and CEO of the FTMO proprietary trading platform. As a passionate trader, he co-founded FTMO in 2015 with his classmate and friend Marek Vašíček. Otakar Å uffner’s Early Life and Education Otakar Å uffner was born in Prague, the Czech Republic’s capital city, …

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