Introduction to Audacity Capital

What is Audacity Capital?

Audacity Capital is a prop firm based in London that specializes in empowering Forex traders by making funding accounts available for up to $500,000. The company was founded ten years ago by Karim Yousfi and it has provided funding to more than 5,000 traders so far. It has some unique features that distinguish it from other prop firms and one of such features is the absence of an evaluation test or challenge that other prop firms put in place to determine the traders worthy of funding.

karim yousfi Audacity Capital Founder

Audacity Capital is An award winning prop firm

The firm has established a great reputation in the world of forex-funded programs which has seen it win various awards such as the International Investor Award for the year 2020 while also appearing in major news outlets such as The Europe Financial Review and the Daily Mail.

Audacity Capital Instant Funding

There are only three major steps that traders need to go through and once the company determines them eligible for funding, they get funded instantly. Once funded, the major instrument available for trading is forex but when a trader’s account increases in size up to $120K, then he or she is allowed to trade other types of financial instruments.

The company usually takes an in-person approach which is one of the reasons why they stand out in the industry and the funded program has an aggressive scaling feature along with a 50/50 profit split. The process for signing up is easy and traders that are skillful and knowledgeable in trading will undoubtedly be provided with the necessary funding to be profitable.

Is Audacity Capital a Scam?

From the available reviews from reputable websites, the funded program from Audacity Capital is real as people keep talking about the firm’s commitment to traders through the provision of reliable trading conditions that enhance their chances of success. Having been around for a decade is evidence of the results they have been able to achieve over the years.

The reviews also praise the customer service as effective and outstanding either by email or phone and while there is always room for improvement, traders do get value for the money paid in signing up with this firm.

While there are a few reviews that claim otherwise, the majority of people speak glowingly about their experience with the prop firm and how it has changed their lives for the better. Overall, the firm is legitimate and genuinely seeks the success of traders.

Audacity Capital reviews at TrustPilot

A good example of websites that determine the legitimacy of a prop firm is Trustpilot which is where traders that have experience with a prop firm can give advice or even a review of that firm. On Trustpilot, Audacity Capital has an excellent rating with a score of 4.8 on more than 400 reviews. This shows that people generally have had a good experience with the firm and it has helped enhance their trading career and their level of profitability.

What are the products offered by Audacity Capital?

Audacity capital offers 2 major product:

  • Funded trading program.
  • Hidden talents program.

Funded trading program by Audacity Capital

The funded trading program is designed for experienced traders which is why interested traders need to provide a live track record of 3 to 6 months where they show their skills and trading strategy.

An interview process is then conducted by the firm’s talent acquisition team whose job is to determine the eligibility of a trader. This is done because the firm does not have demo accounts or challenges to test traders and this is why it is only traders with sufficient experience that are considered for funding.

Once a trader has been approved for funding and the Forex account details have been provided, it is advisable for the trader to read through the contract to understand the rules and risk parameters. Once the profit target has been achieved by a trader, he or she is eligible for profit withdrawal and the profit split is done 50:50.

How much does the Audacity Capital funded program coast?

To register for the program, there are fees involved. There is a one-time registration fee of £199 along with a platform fee of £99 which is paid every month. The fees are to cover the costs of technology, administration, and data. The firm is looking to build a long-term relationship with traders which is why even as the accounts are doubled in size, the monthly fees remain the same.

Hidden talents program by Audacity Capital

This program is designed for traders who have no experience in trading but have a natural intellect along with the psychology needed to be profitable traders. The length of the program is four weeks with training taking place in the firm’s office located in London. However, for those that might not be able to make it to London due to their location, there is a remote session offered by the firm.

Trainees are expected to use weekends to backtest the strategies they have developed, analyze the market, and prepare ahead for the coming week. If trainees can put in the necessary effort and respect the rules of the firm concerning trading, then the firm believes that after the four weeks of training, the trainees should be able to manage the minimum balance without suffering too many losses and then move on to become profitable.

Traders get to learn about fundamental and technical approaches to market analysis with an emphasis on market structure, price action, candlestick patterns, and market sentiment. There is also a hidden talents program fast track for those that are unable to devote full time to the training. This encompasses 2 weeks instead of 4 weeks but it is more intensive which means trainees need to put in more hours. On completion, trainees have access to an account with half of the funding in starter accounts i.e. $7,500 instead of $15,000.

How much does the Audacity Capital training program cost?

The training fee is £2,500 to cover the study materials and one-on-one mentorship sessions. On completing the program, trainees are allocated a starter funding account of $15,000 to start trading in the forex market. The recommended minimum hours for lectures is 20 hours per week with the majority of that time devoted to personal mentorship sessions to help the trainees grow. Lectures are slated for Mondays to Fridays while weekends are free.

What is the process to get funded by Audacity Capital?

Is there an evaluation or challenge at Audacity Capital?

No, Instead of having an evaluation test where the trading skills of traders are gauged through a demo account while following some predetermined rules, there are just three simple steps to get access to a Forex funded account at Audacity Capital. The process is quite simple and relatively quick since the process of getting funded does not take more than a day whereas, with other prop firms, it could take months before the trader could become eligible for funding.

steps to apply to Audacity Capital

First Step: Apply and fill the form

First Step involves applying to the program which is done by filling out a form that highlights the trader’s basic experience in trading including a trading strategy and the number of years the individual has been trading. The purpose of this step is to show that the trader has enough trading experience to manage a funded account. Traders need to provide a live track record of 3 to 6 months where they show their skills and trading strategy.

Second Step: a face-to-face interview

Second Step involves a face-to-face interview with the team where the trader will have to provide more information about his or her trading experience while also being informed of what would be required while trading a live funded account. If the candidate is based in London, then the interview will be conducted on the company’s trading floor, but if the person is outside London, then the interview will be done over the phone. This process is different from that of other top prop firms in the industry.

Third Step: Get Funded

Third Step which is the final step is to get access to a funded account and begin to trade. The process of approval and confirmation is all done within 24 hours after which all the account details will be sent to the trader.

What are the Rules and Characteristics of Audacity Capital?

When you are trading on a funded account provided by Audacity Capital, you must take into consideration the following rules and guidelines:

  1. You have to start with a 15k live account
  2. Reach 10% of profits
  3. Respect the 10% fixed drawdown
  4. Leverage and lot size
  5. Use the MT5 platform
  6. Do not trade during news
  7. Do not trade during weekends

You have to start with a 15k live account

Once traders are approved to have a funded account, the starter account with $15,000 is made available with the possibility of having the account double in size depending on how fast the trader can achieve the profit target.

Reach 10% of profits

The profit target is 10% of the account balance irrespective of the account size. For example, with an account size of $15,000, the profit target is $1,500 and once this is achieved, traders can withdraw a share of their profits while also having the size of their account doubled to $30,000. The same rule of the 10% profit target still applies as well and once it is achieved, the account gets doubled again and the process keeps repeating itself until the trader has the $500,000 account.

Respect the 10% fixed drawdown

The drawdown for each account size is 10% of the account balance and it is fixed instead of trailing. Traders are expected to respect and take note of this drawdown so that the account does not drop to that level. However, the firm believes that traders are less likely to hit the drawdown limit but even if they do, the firm does not hold the traders liable for any losses on an account.

Leverage and lot size

On the $15,000 account, there is a leverage of 1:5 with accumulative exposure of 0.5 lot which translates to $5 per pip. Just like when the account size gets doubled when the trader attains the profit target, the lot size also correspondingly gets doubled which means for the $30K account, the lot size will increase from 0.5 to 1.0 while it will double from 1.0 to 2.0 for the 60K account and so on up to the $500K account.

The platform: MetaTrader 4

The platform used by Audacity Capital is MetaTrader 4 and all funded traders of this firm are required to use it. However, traders are free to use trading strategies of their choice as long as they adhere to the risk parameters.

Do not trade during news

Traders are not allowed to keep trading positions open during news events and are therefore required to close their positions before major news events such as FOMC, Interest rate decisions, Central Bank speeches, and NFP. An email is sent to this effect by informing traders of when to close trades and what day.

Do not trade during weekends

Keeping trading positions over the weekends is not allowed but traders can always request to keep a position open over the weekend by going to a specified portal on the firm’s website and filling out a form. This is then reviewed by the risk management team who evaluate the trades and decide if the position is worth keeping open. As such, there is no guarantee that the trader’s request will be granted.

Pros and Cons of Audacity Capital

What are the advantages of Audacity Capital?

  1. Improved trading conditions: a conducive trading environment is important to the success of all traders and this is something that Audacity Capital provides because the firm does not use retail brokers but rather institutional liquid providers. This is beneficial to traders as they get to enjoy deep liquidity in the market and because the firm is growing fast, the size of all trading accounts is doubled once the target of 10% is achieved. Also, payments to traders are prompt with no delay.
  2. Excellent trading support: Audacity Capital supports traders by giving them a platform to interact with other professional traders so that they can gain valuable knowledge from them. This platform is seen in the form of a community app developed by the firm which can be downloaded from the app store on mobile devices to connect traders. This way, traders can capitalize on new strategies and maximize the considerable trading knowledge gained from other professional traders. The firm also provides educational webinars that enhance the trading skills of traders.
  3. Attractive scaling program: traders that display consistent profitability can take advantage of the firm’s aggressive scaling program to have access to a trading capital as high as $500,000 so that they can make even more profits.
  4. Absence of an evaluation test: the firm does not operate a demo account to measure the trading skills of traders but rather gives them access to a live account once they have been deemed eligible for funding.
  5. Traders are not held liable for the losses suffered on the account but instead, the firm bears those losses.

What are the disadvantages of Audacity Capital?

  1. The firm is quite selective when it comes to determining the eligibility of traders for funding which is why the interview process is extensive and taken seriously. As a result, only a handful of traders tend to be selected among those that apply.
  2. Sharing of profits: the profit-sharing formula is 50/50 which is quite low when compared to some other top prop firms where traders sometimes get allocated between 70% – 90% of the profits they make.
  3. When compared to other top prop firms, the funding is still limited as there are firms that provide traders with funds upward of one million dollars.
  4. There is a monthly fee that the trader needs to pay every time, even if you are already withdrawing your earnings, this is completely different from any other Forex funded trading program.


In summary, Audacity Capital has a reliable forex funded program that avails skilled traders who do not have enough funds to trade the opportunity to have access to a funded account where they can showcase their trading skills and make profits steadily. At the same time, they can grow the account which increases the amount of funds that will be available to them for trading.

The firm is also unique with its interview and this makes the company feel more personalized and relatable since traders get to interact with people face to face compared to other prop firms that lack such a feature. The interview is also where it is determined if a trader is a good fit for the program thus eliminating the need for an evaluation test on a demo account like other prop firms tend to do.

The firm has also shown itself to be reliable and trustworthy as seen with the several awards won as well as being featured in reputable news outlets. All of these have contributed to the establishment of a great reputation and have made it an excellent choice for traders looking for a funded trading program. 

Learn more about Audacity Capital here.