Bulenox Withdrawals Policy: Your Ultimate Guide

Bulenox Withdrawals Policy

The process of withdrawals and payouts at Bulenox is quite straightforward to understand. This article will shed light on how the process works, including the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount, the month’s time, and how to receive your withdrawals.  Generally, traders can withdraw profits after the first few weeks of trading a funded account at …

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Bulenox Trailing Drawdown Explained: Full Guide

Bulenox Trailing EOD Drawdown

Everything that you need to know about the trailing drawdown at Bulenox prop firm has been covered in this article. The reason for examining the trailing drawdown is that traders often violate this rule because they fail to pay enough attention. As a trader seeking a funded account from a prop firm, understanding how the …

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Bulenox Master Account: The Funded Account

Bulenox Master Account - Funded Account

Now that you have finally passed your Bulenox challenge and achieved the objective on the qualification account, the appropriate question is, what’s next? the answer is that traders will get a funded account called the Bulenox Master Account; This account has slightly different rules from the qualification account. Before we mention all the rules, let’s …

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Bulenox Review: Everything You Need To Know

Bulenox Review guide

You may have heard of Bulenox and wondered what it is all about. However, you are unsure if this program fits your skills and budget. You might have read many articles on it but still cannot understand what Bulenox does. Look no further, as this review will provide everything you need to know about Bulenox. …

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Bulenox Scaling Plan Explained: Full Guide

Bulenox Scaling Plan

What does a Scaling Plan mean? In the world of prop firms, there are two separate definitions of a scaling plan. The first definition revolves around gaining access to more funds as the trader progresses. The second definition focuses on gaining access to more contracts once the trader achieves a specific profit target. Let us …

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