Apex Trailing Threshold Max Drawdown

Apex Trader Funding Trailing Drawdown

Trailing drawdown explained What is a trailing drawdown? A trailing drawdown is a term that is peculiar to funded trading programs, and it has multiple definitions, which include the following: One definite conclusion that can be drawn from the three different definitions above is that the trailing drawdown is constantly moving as long as the …

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Apex Trading Challenge: Accounts’ unique rules

Apex Trader $25k Trading Challenge

When you are ready to start your first trading Challenge at Apex Trader Funding, they provide seven trading account sizes: This article will focus on the challenges offered by Apex on all these trading accounts. Overview of the Apex $25K Trading Challenge: Standard Price $147 (50% off here with code TF50) Rules of the Trading …

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What are Apex Trader Funding commissions and trading hours? 

Apex Trader Commissions And Trading Hours

To successfully pass a trading challenge at Apex Trader Funding, you must understand all the details, rules, and characteristics of Apex, either for the evaluation phase or when you get a funded account. This article explains what Apex trading hours and Apex trading commissions are and how to avoid making mistakes while trading your evaluation challenge or your funded …

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Who is Darrell Martin: Founder of Apex Trader Funding

Darrell Martin-Founder of Apex Trading Funder

Darrell Martin is a professional trader and the founder of ApexInvesting.com and Apex Trader Funding. Apex Investing is a trading community with more than 30,000 traders in more than 150 countries. The community respects the expert trader because of his innovations and active participation in simplifying trading. What is Martin’s background as a trader? Darrell …

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11 reasons to choose Apex funded trading program

APEX benefits the best choice

Apex trader funding is a program designed to identify skillful traders in futures trading and provide them with the requisite trading capital and other trading tools needed to succeed. Let us now examine some of the reasons that make Apex trader funding the best-funded trading program for traders. Apex has Only one step challenge to …

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How To Reset An Apex Trader Funding Account?

APEX Reset Explained

Apex Trader Funding Reset Explained When traders undergo the Apex challenge to try and win an Apex-funded account, things do not always go according to plan, and traders may sometimes find their accounts disabled due to flouting the rules of the challenge, such as leaving a trade open beyond the stipulated time or falling below …

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Apex Trader Payouts via Deel: Full guide

Deel Apex Trader

Since September 16, 2022, Apex Trader has completely changed the payout method for paying funded traders. Before this change, Performance Paid and prop fund traders gaining money from their funded accounts could receive money directly from apex to their bank accounts, PayPal, mailed checks, or USDT. But after the update, only one payment solution is …

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Why is my Apex account reset?

apex auto reset explained

Since 5/1/22, the traders at the Apex prop firm program saw a slight change in their trading challenges. They found that sometimes the challenge account reset itself automatically without any previous action and for free. So why did the apex account reset? And how can I benefit from that? Why is my apex account reset? …

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APEX Trader Funding: Your Ultimate Guide

APEX Trader Funding explained guide

Apex Trader Funding is a proprietary trading company that offers traders the opportunity to trade futures with provided funds. The company operates as a community of traders and has a deep understanding of the challenges traders face, particularly in obtaining funds to trade. The Apex funded trading program has a well-designed structure that supports the …

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