Darrell Martin is a professional trader and the founder of ApexInvesting.com and Apex Trader Funding. Apex Investing is a trading community with more than 30,000 traders in more than 150 countries. The community respects the expert trader because of his innovations and active participation in simplifying trading.

What is Martin’s background as a trader?

Darrell Martin has several years’ worth of experience as a trader. Darrell comes from a low-income family background. Therefore, he had no prior knowledge of investing or trading. Therefore, all his knowledge is self-taught. Darrell started trading a decade and a half ago before the birth of his first child. His interest in the sector was triggered by his need for an additional source of income.

Martin attended a Get Motivated seminar where he learned about trading from experts like Giuliani and his peers, who taught about topics like reading green arrows on options. The courses taught during the seminar got him hooked and invested in the sector. So, the professional trader sought out several other classes and workshops to learn all he could about trading and investing. Through his pursuit of further knowledge, Derrell met four expert traders and market movers who gave him practical lessons about the market’s inner workings.

Once he was confident enough and had the other experts’ assistance, Martin started with options. He eventually quit his day because it cost him too much to work. Also, he made more money trading options in a couple of hours than he worked all day.

The conception of Apexinvesting.com

After trading options for a while, Darrell started recording videos for his daughter for educational purposes. The professional trader wanted his heir to leave some source of information on trading for his daughter in case something happened to him. Moreover, Darrell wanted his child to learn the ropes of trading from his videos when she was older if he did not get to teach her in person. However, these videos and his trading methodology became the foundation for apexinvesting.com. Under his friend’s counsel, Darrell turned his videos for his daughter into a website that educated people on trading.

What is Darrell Martin’s trading expertise?

Darrell Martin focuses on queue and es trading. He chose to focus on these two markets because he believes that finding a niche you thrive in is better than hopping around between various markets and trying to figure them all out simultaneously. His decision to focus on queue and es trading markets has helped promote more consistency in his trading.

However, before focusing on these markets, Martin tried out other ones. In an interview, he explains that he made and lost 10,000 dollars within twenty-four hours during his first experiment with forex trading. This experience caused him to step away from forex trading. Next, he tried out forex options. However, his goal was to get into Futures. According to Mr. Martin, futures is where you want to focus as a trader because you see everything, including indices and market depth, instead of only stocks. Also, there are many opportunities in futures trading. While Derrell likes to keep tabs on other markets like gold and oil, he does not trade in these markets. Instead, his focus remains on indices.

Darrell’s trading tools and style

Darrell’s preferred software for trading options is Think or Swim. However, since he primarily trades futures, he prefers Ninjatrader. Darrell uses the Crystal Ball style of trading. Crystal Ball is a spreadsheet-based application that measures risks and reports while trading. It allows you to measure and report on inherent risks and gives you a realistic way to model uncertainty while trading.

Darrell Martin has developed several tools to help simplify trading. So, apart from Crystal Ball, Darrell applies his tools to futures, forex, stock, and options markets. Besides personal applications, Darrell allows thousands of other traders to use his tools for more straightforward trading. Darrell’s trading methods are regarded as incredibly objective and insightful. Other traders also love that they can duplicate Darrell’s trading methods. Darrell has helped treaders execute with precision for entries and exits. For instance, his trading tools signal when to get in and out of a market. He also helps eliminate analysis paralysis in trading.

Darrell has also designed algorithm-based trades like forex option gamma scalping, triangular forex arbitrage, and forex-option box arbitrage, to name a few. Mr. Martin also prides himself in his unique patterns, indicators, strategies, and bar-type designs for investing and trading. Examples are the following:

  • Apex diagnostic pattern, which he used for all markets to determine precise entry points, stop losses and take profits.
  • Diagnostic trend line, which helps him verify market trends easily
  • Diagnostic bars filters out all market noise and easily define trend and reversals.
  • Diagnostic trade line that allows him to trade faster
  • Diagnostic Nadex feeds live market data and performs quick calculations to find the best spreads to trade on Nadex

Darrell has a live trade room on Apexinvesting.com, where he trades markets daily alongside other traders. Members get free access to the trading room for the first month. Additionally, traders can access all educational and helpful resources on apexinvesting.com for free for the first month and only a dollar in the second month. After that, however, every other month costs 200 dollars for those making more than this; basically, everyone signed up for the website.

Apex trader funding

Before Apex trader funding, Martin worked for and traded with a company that capped his earnings at 300,000 dollars in the first month and 50,000 every other month. Finally, he left the company and tried out several other trader funding companies. However, he could have been more impressed by the rules, costs, daily drawdowns, and evaluation steps the companies imposed on traders. So, Darrell decided to develop a trading funding company that he would be proud to use and deliver to other traders. Within a couple of months, Apex trader funding was up and running with the help of a friend trader and programmer.

Apex trader funding provides traders with funded trading accounts to trade futures. The company aims to help traders trade lucratively and sensibly. Apex trader funding is a community of traders that understand how challenging it is to get funds to trade. Therefore, Darrell has created a platform that allows traders to enter and practice future market trading. The company has liberal rules, which is more than other trader funding companies have. So far, the company has funded nearly a billion dollars and paid out almost 2 million dollars for traders.


When I first came across Darrell Martin’s trading philosophy, I was struck by his strong emphasis on risk management. As a seasoned trader, Martin has developed numerous risk management tools and strategies to help fellow traders limit potential losses and safeguard their capital. In my view, his focus on managing risk over finding profitable trades is a testament to his experience, as unchecked losses can swiftly negate gains.

Beyond risk management, Martin is a staunch advocate of trading psychology and the significance of maintaining a clear, disciplined mindset while trading. His candid accounts of overcoming emotional biases have resonated with me, and I believe traders can learn a lot from his emphasis on developing mental resilience to avoid impulsive or irrational decisions.

During an interview with Jason Hartman, Martin shared invaluable insights and advice for smart investing, such as defining entry and exit plans, exercising patience and discipline, and honing in on niche markets. He also underscored the importance of financial literacy and education, arguing that they should be mandatory in schools to enhance Americans’ financial acumen.

In conclusion, Darrell Martin is a highly respected professional trader with years of experience and a proven track record of success. Through his contributions, he has assisted countless traders in achieving their financial objectives.