Leeloo Trading is a growing company that has more and more presence in the market of funded futures trading programs. The combination of conditions and fees on Leeloo Trading are the most easier and affordable for beginners, wider range for the Trailing drawdown, no scaling plan, less conditions on trading time, and an amazing price to reset your account.

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Many people ask how legit Leeloo Trading is. Actually a lot of people on this market think they are scam just by looking at the old design of their website and YouTube channel. 

In this Leeloo Trading review, you will discover lot of detailed and sometimes weird information about Leeloo Trading, about the founders, the life of founders, the website progress, and users reviews. This is a complete investigation. We will start this report by describing what users are seeing as new visitors of Leeloo Trading platform, and after that we will explain and bring in details the right information about the program.

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Reviewing Leeloo Trading website and youtube channel:

The first version of the website: Ranchers or Traders?

In 2019 and 2020, When you go through the Leeloo Trading website, you will see that the design is not as great as the program is. The website design was like it’s done by an amateur, but the content of the website is very rich and has all the information needed to start your trading journey. you can just go to the FAQs to get a detailed idea about the program and what you need to do step by step. Here is a link to see how the website was in 2019 and 2020: 


old view of leeloo trading website

As you can see, The website is very basic, the colors are too classy for a 2020 website, especially for a website related to the trading and finance field. 

But when we look closer, you will find something really weird. The promotional videos in their homepage at that time and in their YouTube channel are absolutely nonsense, almost or even 100% non related to trading, or funded futures programs or anything like that. It’s all about the western life, cows, horses, ranches, farms and some people from a Montana village!


If you have in mind that you are visiting the youtube channel of a funded futures trading program, you will feel confused about what you are seeing.

leeloo trading and farmers

The problem is that we can’t find any explanation about all this on the website, we can find multiple and detailed information about the funding program, but nothing to explain why we see all those videos that have nothing to do with trading and funding programs.

The 2021 version of the website: We are Ranchers and Traders!

Now, Leeloo Trading has made a very good update on their website, making it more stylish and modern. At least, They removed the video of “the crazy woman” with the gun from the home page.

Even with this nice update that made the website look modern, we are still seeing images of farmers, horses and cows in their home page. As new visitors of that platform, we still can’t understand the relation between ranches and the funded trading programs industry. So why is the website looking so weird? And why do the Youtube channel still have many videos of the western life?

new website of leeloo trading

This time we have an answer. In the homepage of the website, the platform explains that the team have a background in farming, ranching and business. This explains the images of cows and cowboys, and the videos on the Youtube channel. But it doesn’t explain the relation between ranches and the trading field. To understand what is happening, we have to take a look at the background of the founders and team of Leeloo Trading.

Who are Leeloo Trading founders?

The first version of the website: Anonymous!?

Before 2021, we had a lot of reviews of this program asking about the real founders of the Leeloo Trading program. We just know that there is a woman called Jody Dahl in the background, but no one could find anything more about the founders and the team of the platform, and if we combine this information with the bad design of the platform, most people conclude that the program is a scam.

The 2021 version of the website: We are real people

In 2021, Leeloo Trading had made a lot of improvements to their website and also the information on the website. Now we can find a little information about the team from an “About us” page, and it explains a many things, that helped us do a better research about them:

  • The founders are a family of farmers and ranchers from Roundup, Montana, specializing in purebred Charolais cattle.
  • There are three principal members of their team: Jody Dahl, Jacque Jacobsen and Brett Debruycker. But Only Jody Dahl is an active member of the programs, while the others are silent partners.
jody dahl Jacque L Debruycker Jacobsen Brett Debruycker
Jody Alise Dahl
Founder and CEO
Jacque L Jacobsen
Brett Debruycker
Twitter Video
leeloo trading registration
  • Jody Dahl lives in Roundup, Montana. She has multiple connections on linkedin. with 3 kids in her life, Jody is a lovely woman, a cowgirl that loves horses and cows and everything related to life in ranches and farming. She created a website called “Top50Ranches.com”, a directory of the top ranch vacations. 
  • Do you remember the video of that “crazy woman” with the gun, actually that woman is Jody Dahl, The CEO of Leeloo Trading! But why didn’t she use an actor in that commercial? Keep reading, you will understand.

Why does Leeloo Trading use ranches and the western life as a theme for their website?

The Leeloo Trading founders love what they do, they are the 3rd generation of farmers and ranchers of their family, and they are very good in their business. They have launched many successful projects in Montana, and they continue doing a great job. Believe it or not, Leeloo Trading is run on a farm!

When you go through their social pages, you will immediately understand that they are proud of their success, and proud of being ranchers and farmers. Jody, Brett and Jacque are hard workers. By following the trace of Jody Alice Dahl on the internet, you will understand that she is a very intelligent business woman with many skills; Marketing, Business Management, Consultancy, Business Development, and more. 

Running Great projects with minimal expense 

But one of the most powerful skills that Jody uses, is running businesses with minimum capital. 

Jody didn’t need lot of money to start the Leeloo Trading project, no need to use expensive website designers, or expensive commercials, or even actors, she is always trying to do everything with the minimum expense, she even was the actor in some of the commercial videos, and she did it very well.

Weird commercials… lot of talk

As already said, the commercial videos of leeloo Trading were very weird, since they have almost no relation with Funded accounts programs, but actually, this was the strategy of Leeloo Trading to spread the word faster. Many youtubers have mentioned this remark in their channels, many comments from here and there about how this is absolutely nonsense, and that it will probably be a scam. But the power of Leeloo Trading is that they always pay their traders, there is no one on youtube or on the internet assuming that they didn’t send the payments. So even if it looks like a negative advertisement, it actually spreads the word about Leeloo trading very fast, and since the Leeloo Trading team is honest and always pays, the truth will remain, and the bad advertisement will disappear. This is actually the changement that we are seeing about Leeloo Trading in 2021.

Internet reviews of Leeloo Trading funded futures accounts program

There are already many reviews on the internet, people that actually tried Leeloo Trading, and people that made a review only from visiting the website. But our main topic here is to find reviews of persons that have tested Leeloo Trading services, and made an opinion from it.

So in this section, we will give you a summary of numerous reviews that we did find on google, by using keywords like “leeloo trading scam”, “leeloo trading review” and many more, we will talk about the main reasons that prompted those clients to make that review, even for negative reviews or positive reviews. But as already said, we have studied only the reviews of people that actually tested Leeloo Trading.

Positive reviews:

Here are the most common reasons that prompted traders to leave a positive review. The order below is based on the number of positive comments for each point:

1- Rules:

Almost everyone loves the minimal rules on Leeloo Trading, less rules than all other platforms. Don’t reach max losses, and Trade minimum 10 days. So there is only one rule on the challenge period that you need to pay attention to, it is to respect the trailing drawdown.

Learn more about Leeloo Trading Rules here.

2- Price:

Fees on this program are the best, and clients really love that. They love the Leeloo Express option where they have to pay only 77$, but the most amazing surprise is that they can ask for a refund if they pass the Leeloo Express test (not available on other offers).

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3- Support:

We personally tried it many times and we approve it’s efficiency. Clients are happy with the support since they reply fast, and help you on every request. They are so friendly that you don’t feel you talk to a company, it’s like you are talking with a friend that tries to help you.

4- Free Ninja Trader Licence:

When you pass the test, Leeloo Trading offers a free NinjaTrader license key, which is not possible with competitors like Topstep, Earn2Trade or others. This helps traders save at least 600$ a year. This is why traders are very happy with this option.

5- Withdrawals:

Some reviewers also talked about withdrawals, and they approved receiving the withdrawal from Leeloo Trading without problems.

6- Other options that reviewers like:

  • Fast Funded Account Setting. (Less than 3 days)
  • Micro futures allowed.

Negative reviews:

It was actually hard to find negative reviews for Leeloo Trading, only very few are there, but we have to talk about them too.

Problem with auto-subscription:

A client has an issue with this problem plus a technical problem (full story here or in the video below). The auto subscription on paypal made the thing worse for this client. Another client had the same problem, find here his review on TrustPilot

No Education Center:

Leeloo Trading doesn’t offer any other products except the funded futures trading program. Many clients may be new traders, so it will be helpful for them to be educated on trading and learn about many winning strategies that exist today. This is why some clients wish to have more services on the platform.


Leeloo funded trading program is legit

The conclusion is quite obvious. The Leeloo funded trading program is legit. and you can start with confidence your first challenge from here.

Here is why:

  • There was some talk about the bad marketing on the website in 2019 and 2020, but after doing our research, it was just the beginning of a big project, and this was a part of the marketing strategy.
  • Leeloo Trading always pays it’s traders, always refunding the Leeloo Express fees when passed successfully, exactly like they said. Since they refund that fee, then they are very spurious about finding good traders, not only earn from subscription fees.
  • The founders of Leeloo Trading are well known in their region, Roundup, Montana. They are , especially Jody and Brett, very successful business owners, hard workers, and honest.
  • The company is registered in Montana.
  • Reviews are all good, the bad review that we found claiming that the company is scam, is from someone who forget to unsubscribe from paypal, and another one that mistakenly ordered the wrong offer (he said that he wanted to order Leeloo Express but he paid 170$, so who accepted that payment from his account!!)
  • The first big community users of Leeloo funded accounts were Latino community, lot of first reviews were from them. This website https://www.tradingonline.shop launched a pool for it’s users with a very simple question: “what is your preferred funded futures accounts program”, until now 221 have participated. here are the result:
funded programs rating

101 voted for Leeloo Trading, then 46 voted for Earn2Trade. Upprofit Trader had 30 votes, and 16 votes for Topstep.