Topstep Trading Combine: Accounts’ Unique Rules

TopStep $50k Trading Combine account 1

When you want to start your first Trading Combine Challenge, Topstep provides 3 trading account sizes: This article will focus on the Trading Combine challenges offered by Topstep. Overview of the $50K Topstep Challenge: Price $165 Rules in step 1 Trailing Maximum Drawdown $2000 Max position size 5 Daily Loss Limit $1000 Permitted products Click … Read more

Topstep 2% of Daily Price Limit Rule

Topstep 2% of Daily Price Limit Rule

What is the Daily Price Limit? The daily price limit refers to the maximum price range limit that a traded financial instrument is permitted to fluctuate within a given trading session. The daily price limit has two forms namely limit up and limit down. Limit up represents the maximum amount that a price is allowed … Read more

Topstep Pro Account®, Funded Account® And Premium Funded Account® – All Differences

TopStep Pro Account® Funded Account® And Premium Funded Account®

At Topstep, Many Traders get confused after winning the Topstep Trading Combine®; they start hearing about many different Topstep funded trading accounts that follow the challenge period; Pro Account®, Funded Account® and Premium Funded Account®. So what is all This about? And what are the differences between all these accounts? This is very simple and … Read more

Topstep Futures: Rules, Hidden Rules, withdrawals and more

Topstep futures Topsteptrader

Even though Topstep is the most potent, legit, and most known funded trading program for futures and forex, it also has, like most of the competitors, some disadvantages that users feel uncomfortable with, some complex rules that people don’t like, or difficulties that traders may have due to misunderstanding of the platform. In this article, … Read more

Everything you should know before starting a Topstep Challenge

topstepfx topsteptrader guide

This article was written when the Topstep Forex program was still running. Still, since April 2022, Topstep has said Goodbye to Forex markets and invited their Forex community to join the Futures program. Why did Topstep shut down the Forex program? Most members of the Topstep team are Futures traders, and it becomes harder for … Read more