Early life and personality

Jody Dahl was born in Roundup, Montana, to a family where hard work and dedication matter, so it is no surprise that Jody Dahl is such a hard worker.

Jody Dahl is a role model for many young girls and women who want to pursue their dreams, build the lifestyle they have always desired, and have fun.

To grow up with seven siblings while being the last child must be an extreme sport; this can also be seen in how she manages all her businesses and family. Her personality is the type that walks into a room, and all eyes turn to her. Her achievements announce themselves to everyone both in and out of the room.

Jody’s approach to life is admirable, as is how she treats those around her. Working while gathering numerous leadership and business management skills is not for the weak-minded, but she successfully pulled through.

One of the trending ways to keep up with Jody’s lifestyle is through social media; her various articles, videos, and pictures can be seen across some popular social media platforms, such as YouTube and Pinterest. In addition, she posts about her life on the farm, some homemade cooking videos, portraits of her favorite farm animals, and trading knowledge.

Jody will boldly take charge of any situation she is faced with, balancing attending meetings and seminars while also showing up for family events, appointments, and many more.

Jody Dahl: Family lover

Jody balances her family and works well, given that most of her businesses are with family members and she is a mother of three children. Those who admire women who balance motherhood, work, and having a social life would be great fans of Jody Dahl.

Her large family is one of the main reasons and one of her greatest motivations and inspirations. She is a fantastic daughter, wife, and mother. Her cheerful personality makes her relatable to her children and her large family. She is the type of mom who shows up to her children’s bake sales, supports her boys during prom, and boosts their confidence. Also, she is the type of aunty who would show up to her nieces’ and nephews’ fashion shows to hype them up and tell them how super proud she is while posting it across their social media platforms.

Jody inspires many, from her love for her nuclear and extended family to her inspirational work ethic, her multiple sources of income, and how she strikes a balance with all.

Jody shows the world that despite having and accomplishing all these goals, dreams, and aspirations, family is the most crucial backbone that should not be neglected or joked with.

Jody Dahl: The Marketer

Keeping up with a large family is enough to be a full-time role, but seeing how she manages despite all her roles in leadership, business and marketing consulting, social media, and many more, is enough evidence to show that with the right balance, there is no excuse for why goals should be abandoned.

After seeing and hearing about her success story, a zero-to-hero story in the trading market, she built long-lasting relationships with her customers, making them keep coming back and trusting the platform.

Upon completing her degree from Montana State University, her interest was not limited to what she studied at the university. She tightened her belt and kept on going no matter what obstacle came her way, from social media marketing to social media itself and online marketing. Jody also built and strengthened her business management skills, including tourism, public speaking, global marketing, event planning, and many more.

With Jody, capital is not an issue when establishing and growing a business. Successfully, she built businesses with zero to little capital and turned them into key players in their various industries due to her strategic planning and marketing skills. In addition, due to her knowledge and skills as a business manager and marketing consultant, she was able to help various start-up businesses and provide marketing consulting to help them achieve their business goals and solve problems.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and love for business development show how much she has helped small businesses with little to no reputation become influential in their various industries.

Jody Dahl: Founder of Top50Ranches

Jody is not just a cowgirl and a massive lover of horses; she is also the founder and owner of Top 50 Ranches, which she founded due to her love for the ranch, which started through her husband’s family.

While working as the chief marketing officer at Runamuk Guest Ranch for ten years, she gained experience managing all the daily operations, including employee training and leadership. Undoubtedly, Top 50 Ranch has guided many individuals and families in exploring their dream vacation on the ranch; this is one of the most resourceful ways of sharing her knowledge about the farm with the outside world.

Breaking into the Trading Market

It is incredible how, when Jody started trading in 2015, she was a complete beginner with zero to little knowledge about trading. Yet, after teaching herself everything she needed to know about the market and making mistakes, she became one of the most successful traders. Being careful and not rushing to learn about the market in a day, she set realistic goals and gained the needed experience.

Jody Dahl: Founder of Leeloo Trading

This cowgirl founded and helped grow one of the most successful proprietary trading firms.

Jody founded the Leeloo Trading Prop Firm with her family of farmers and ranchers who love to help people, which has caused the trading business to receive recognition locally and internationally.

With the same goal in mind—to provide a way to unlock a trader’s full potential and provide opportunity—Jody Dahl, a devoted mother, skilled trader, and accomplished businesswoman founded Leeloo.

Value is one of the essential things at Leeloo Trading, which has been one of the most important reasons customers keep trusting them. And seeing how much Jody and Leeloo Trading have grown shows her intentional nature.

The platform is not just for customers based in Montana, where Jody is from, but is also spread internationally across 147 countries and counting. Leeloo is known for making futures traders invest with their funded accounts. And testing out different strategies that work shows Judy’s personality and work ethic.

Leeloo Trading is a proprietary trading firm; it can also be called a funded trading program. The funded trader program tests traders to recruit the best and offer them significant capital to have enough leverage to trade with profits. This funded program goes way beyond knowing or having a vast understanding of general trading basics, but also how to use the right tools and most important platforms or resources to manage money and succeed in the industry.


Jody Dahl is a one-of-a-kind woman and will no doubt be known and remembered in history for her extraordinary love for family, excellent work ethic, boldness, and strong mindset. She is the true definition and the perfect example of a gorgeous wife, a successful trader, a loving mother, and an all-around daughter who keeps making great and assertive moves in every industry she is a part of while also leaving her name fully remembered by generations to come and whose lifestyle will impact many.