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What is Earn2Trade?

Earn2Trade is among the top 5 funded futures trading programs, like Leeloo Trading, Topstep, and OneUp. They are fundamentally a trading education center that helps new traders enhance their skills in trading, and as a part of their education system, they offer an evaluation product. When they complete it successfully, they allow traders to get a real trading account funded by one of their proprietary trading partners: “Helios Trading Partners” and “Appius Trading Limited”.

Earn2Trade offer 2 options for that product, The Gauntlet™ and The Gauntlet Mini™.

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The Gauntlet Mini™

The Gauntlet Mini™ is the most popular funded trading challenge offered by Earn2Trade. Multiple account sizes vary from $25000 to $150000.

gauntlet mini offers

It is an intraday futures trading evaluation where you have to:

  • Trade at least 15 calendar days
  • Not reaching the maximum daily loss
  • Not reaching the maximum contract allowed for every account size
  • Not reaching the trailing drawdown
  • Trade during approved times
  • Maintain consistency

The Gauntlet™

Earn2Trade’s Trader Career Path is the latest product in their evaluation line and is gaining popularity for its unique features. Here is a summary of what you need to know about this program:

  • The Trader Career Path is an evaluation program similar to the Gauntlet Mini™, designed to help traders improve their skills and access funded trading accounts.
  • It includes two packages: TCP25 and TCP50, which start on a $25,000 or $50,000 account and can upgrade to $200,000 or $400,000, respectively.
  • The Trader Career Path includes a free reset after every rebill, allowing subscribers to save it for later if they don’t need to use it immediately.
  • One of the most attractive features of the Trader Career Path is its scaling funding offer, which means that traders can upgrade their funded account to a larger funding amount, along with more contracts and bigger allowances on drawdown and daily losses.
  • The TCP uses a progression ladder like the Gauntlet Mini™ but with even higher contract allowances when you upgrade to the $400,000 account with the TCP50.
  • The price of the TCP evaluation is affordable, ranging from $150 for the TCP25 package to $190 for the TCP50 package.
  • The scaling plan allows you to withdraw profits and upgrade your funded trading account. This means you can actively grow your account while earning a profit.

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Who are the Earn2Trade founders and team?

In 2016, Ryan Masten and David Lojko founded Earn2Trade.

Ryan Masten:

Ryan Masten completely left working on Earn2Trade by the beginning of July 2020 by soldering his final shares in the company since he was working on another project, a company called “Barelt Media LLC”, that made him a lot of money “illegally”. By the 2nd of September 2020, he was charged in a $165 million binary options fraud scheme with 5 other persons and 4 companies, Including his company.

Some people relate that fraud to Earn2Trade, but actually, there is no relation between the two companies, and Earn2Trade was, since April 2019, been run by David Lojko.

David A. Lojko:

David Lojko is a Futures and Options Trader & Developer. He graduated from Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island with an Associate’s degree in Business Administration and Management. This teaches him to run a successful business like Earn2Trade from Stuart, Florida.

Here are some social media pages but not much to see on it:

David Lojko’s Facebook page

David Lojko Linkedin

David Lojko Google Maps reviews 

Some main members of the team:

  • Christopher Gray:

The Lead Education Coordinator at Earn2Trade, he graduated from Florida Atlantic University and received a B.S. in Information systems management and also graduated with an A.S. in Finance from Indian River State College. He has more than 17 years of experience in trading futures, forex, and options and helped launch Earn2Trade. Ok, this info can be weird, but before Christopher switched to trading, he was a Police Officer for the Stuart police department in Florida!

  • Csaba Francis Nahoczky:

The Director of Educational Development for Earn2Trade. Francis served as a Professor of Chinese Studies at the National University of Public Service for four years, from 2012-2015, and for five years in Budapest, Hungary, in the Economy and Society Research Center of Budapest Corvinus University, and for ten years, 2006 to 2015, for Hungary’s Prestigious School of Eastern Languages, as an Educational Content Developer. He was also the head of Educational Content Development for Innovative Language Learning and served periodically as a consultant to the Hungarian government.

  • Orianna Foucault:

The Director of Support and Candidate Relations at Earn2Trade. Not enough information about Orianna, but it seems that she is always specializing in her career customer support and client relations. She is the community manager and director of support. You can communicate directly with Orianna Foucault via the futures.io forum. She always responds to community questions.

Earn2trade reviews: What does the internet say?

Our team has done extensive research for many reviews that exist on the internet about Earn2Trade funded trading program, and we found that Earn2Trade is very far from being a scam project. Still, some characteristics show a bad intention in its evaluation rules, especially with the Gauntlet Mini™ product. Here is why got this conclusion:

Earn2trade reviews on the internet: good or bad?

Earn2Trade Withdrawals and payments:

Earn2Trade Withdrawal

The reviews on the internet show that no one had a bad experience with withdrawals. Until now, there are 578 reviews at Trustpilot, and no one has claimed that earn2trade didn’t withdraw their earnings. Some people even talk about how amazing the withdrawal policy is. Since there are no restrictions on withdrawing profits, the minimum withdrawal amount is $100. If you make $125 in profits on the first day after you get funded, you can immediately ask for a withdrawal via bank wire transfer, direct ACH deposits, or PayPal. This is a very good advantage when compared to other platforms.

Earn2Trade payment and subscription:

Some people report that Earn2Trade charged them 2 or 3 more monthly payments on their Paypal account that they didn’t apply for. What happened is that when they subscribed for the first month into the Gauntlet Mini™ challenge, they didn’t cancel their subscription manually when they had no intention to extend their subscription, so this problem is more related to them forgetting to cancel their subscription in their Paypal account. The problem we are talking about here is a very common problem with many other services that require subscriptions.

Earn2Trade support:

According to many users worldwide, the customer service at Earn2Trade is excellent, responsive, friendly, and fast.

While reading this article, go to the Earn2Trade website, message them via the live chat button in the right corner of the page, ask them anything you want, and see the result yourself in less than 5 minutes.

Earn2Trade guidelines and rules:

Many people like that Earn2Trade have few rules in their challenge, especially for the Gauntlet™ evaluation. Those few rules help people focus more on their trading strategies than the rules themselves. But there are very bad options in those rules that people don’t like, especially regarding the rule about “allowed times” and the rule about “number of allowed contracts”.

Let’s explain: Let’s compare Earn2Trade with Leeloo Trading and Topstep. These are other funded futures trading programs. Let’s say that you chose an offer where the limited number of contracts is 6, so you can’t trade with more than 6 contracts.

  • Leeloo Trading: when you try to open a position with 7 contracts or more, your order is automatically rejected, and you can continue trading on your account.
  • Earn2Trade: When you try to open a position with 7 contracts or more, your order is automatically rejected, and your account will be immediately closed. You will not be able to continue your trading anymore.
  • Topstep: it acts exactly like Earn2Trade. When you open, your account will also be closed if you try to trade with more contracts than allowed.

The same thing for allowed times. Instead of rejecting your order when you open a position in an unallowed hour, Earn2Trade eliminates your trading account for good. You have to pay again to get a new evaluation trading account. The same thing to Topstep rules, but not to Leeloo Trading, with is the best platform in this rule.

As we said, people hate that. You can imagine how angry you will be if you lose your evaluation account on the first day for some niggling reason.

The help section of Earn2Trade is very detailed and has everything that traders need to know before starting their challenge, and they clearly said:

“It is important to note that any deviation from the rules will result in an inability to receive an offer unless the program is restarted through a reset.”

But we can’t ignore that other platforms are better at that point.

Conclusion on Earn2Trade internet reviews:

When we check just Trustpilot reviews, you will understand immediately that Earn2Trade is legit, with 578 total reviews, 92% positive reviews, and only 7% negative reviews. There are a lot of other reviews on the internet that we found on youtube and google, but TrustPilot can give you a general idea about how good Earn2Trade is.

92.5% of users like:
  • The customer service.
  • Be able to withdraw earnings very fast.
  • Few rules to pass the test, especially for Gauntlet™.
  • The prices.

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7.5% of users don’t like:
  • They are eliminated when they do not respect a rule instead of rejecting the action.
  • Slow process to get the real trading account (about 7 days)
  • Auto payment in the subscription, people forget to cancel the subscription and get charged.