Upon completing Elite Trader Funding’s (ETF) evaluation, traders are awarded an Elite account. They are entitled to request payouts as per Elite Trader Funding’s defined payout policy, securing a portion of the profits they have generated.

Elite Trader Funding’s payout rules allow traders to request first payouts after 15 trading days while adhering to the 40% consistency rule and passing a safety net threshold. Traders retain 100% of their first $12.500 in profits, then 90% of any amount after that, reflecting a 90:20 profit split in the trader’s favor.

Withdrawal requests at Elite Trader Funding are processed daily, with approved payouts executed at 3 PM EST for requests submitted by 10 AM EST. Elite Trader Funding utilizes Rise (Riseworks.io) to manage all outbound payments.

This article offers an in-depth exploration of the withdrawal and payout policy at Elite Trader Funding, It covers essential elements such as payment methods, timing, charges, restrictions, and tax implications.

What is the Elite Trader Funding Payout policy?

The Elite Trader Funding (ETF) payout policy enables traders to request multiple daily payouts starting from $100, after meeting requirements for trading activity, profit consistency, and passing a safety net threshold. Key aspects of ETF payout policy include:

  1. Payout Eligibility and Process:
    • Traders are eligible for payouts once they meet certain criteria, including a safety net, trading for 15 days, and adherence to the 40% consistency rule.
    • To initiate a payout, traders must request it via their Trader Dashboard. The request is subject to an audit that typically takes up to 24 hours.
    • Approved payouts are processed daily at 3 pm EST for requests submitted by 10 am EST.
  2. Payout Cycle Requirements:
    • Payout cycles have specific criteria based on the account size and the number of trade days completed. Each payout cycle allows for a minimum and maximum withdrawal amount, which varies as traders progress through the cycles. There is no minimum or maximum withdrawal amount starting from the fourth payout cycle. If the payout amount reduces the account balance below the minimum, the account will be closed.
  3. Withdrawal Restrictions and Procedures:
    • If a trader chooses not to transition to a LIVE ELITE account, they can request a full payout of profits from eligible accounts, subject to certain caps and conditions. Traders who decline the offer for LIVE ELITE face a two-year ban from ETF’s services.
  4. 100% Profit on First $12,500:
    • Traders keep 100% of their first $12,500 in profits. After surpassing this amount, they receive 90% of any additional earnings.

What’s the minimum withdrawal amount at Elite Trader Funding?

The minimum withdrawal amount at Elite Trader Funding is $100.

What’s the maximum withdrawal amount at Elite Trader Funding?

The maximum withdrawal amount at Elite Trader Funding varies depending on the funding amount and the specific payout cycle the trader is in. The table below illustrates the structured approach Elite Trader Funding uses to manage payouts:

Funding Amount1st Payout Cycle2nd Payout Cycle3rd Payout Cycle4th+ Payout Cycle
$10,000$1,000$1,750$2,000No minimum or maximum
$25,000$1,750$2,000$2,250No minimum or maximum
$50,000$2,000$2,250$2,500No minimum or maximum
$75,000$2,250$2,500$2,750No minimum or maximum
$100,000$2,500$2,750$3,000No minimum or maximum
$150,000$2,750$3,000$3,250No minimum or maximum
$250,000$3,000$3,250$3,500No minimum or maximum
$300,000$3,250$3,500$3,750No minimum or maximum

What’s Elite Trader Funding’s Minimum Balance For withdrawal?

Making a withdrawal at Elite Trader Funding is tied to the concept of a safety net. This safety net requires traders to have earned realized profits equal to the maximum drawdown of the account plus an additional $100. then, the minimum balance to keep after withdrawal is the starting balance of the account plus $100.

What are ETF’s withdrawal methods?

Elite Trader Funding (ETF) utilizes Rise (Riseworks.io) to process all outbound withdrawal payments. Once a trader’s payment is approved and if they are not already part of the Rise network, they will be invited to join. The process includes account creation, email verification, KYC (Know Your Customer) identity check, and linking an online wallet or bank account to receive funds.

Rise offers three methods for payouts:

  1. USDC on Coinbase: Instant transfer to Coinbase via Arbitrum blockchain.
  2. Blockchain Wallet: Global USDC or ERC20 token payments to Ethereum wallets.
  3. USD International Transfer: Bank transfers to ABA/SWIFT/IBAN accounts take 1-3 days.

When traders can withdraw from ETF?

Traders at Elite Trader Funding can request a withdrawal any day, once they meet the eligibility criteria, which include satisfying the safety net, adhering to the 40% consistency rule, and completing the required number of trade days for the payout cycle they are in. A new payout cycle begins after you have acquired enough separate trade days: 1st Payout Cycle – 15 trade days, 2nd Payout Cycle – 15 additional trade days, 3rd Payout Cycle & beyond – 10 additional trade days. After meeting these conditions, traders can request a payout through their Trader Dashboard.

How fast is Elite Trader Funding’s payout process?

The Elite Trader Funding payout process involves several timely steps. Initially, an audit is conducted within 24 hours of a payout request, pending guideline adherence. Subsequently, payouts approved before 10 AM EST are processed at 3 PM EST on the same day. The duration for traders to receive funds post-processing varies, influenced by payment processing through Rise (Riseworks.io) and individual bank timelines.

For receiving funds, Rise offers three methods:

  • Instant USDC transfer to Coinbase.
  • Global payments in USDC or ERC20 to Ethereum wallets take less than an hour.
  • USD international bank transfers to ABA/SWIFT/IBAN accounts, which take 1-3 days.

How does the payout process work at ETF?

The payout process at Elite Trader Funding (ETF) involves several steps for traders to follow, from the initial payment eligibility to the final receipt of funds. The following outlines the step-by-step payout process at Elite Trader Funding:

  1. Visit the Trader Dashboard to begin the payout process if your ELITE account is eligible.
  2. Locate your account and click “REQUEST PAYOUT”.
  3. Enter the payout amount and review your request.
  4. Once confirmed, the ETF risk team begins auditing the request. This audit can take up to 24 hours but may extend if further inquiry is needed.
  5. Once the payout request is approved, you can resume trading.
  6. Approved payouts are processed daily at 3 pm EST, provided the request was made by 10 am EST.
  7. Payments are processed through Riseworks.io, and traders must create a Rise account if they haven’t already.
  8. The process includes account creation, email verification, KYC (Know Your Customer) identity check, and connecting a bank account or online wallet.
  9. Expect to receive payments within 1 to 3 business days.

what are Elite Trader Funding’s payout restrictions?

Elite Trader Funding (ETF) has several payout restrictions to ensure the integrity of the trading and payout process. Here are the key payout restrictions identified:

  1. Prohibited Countries: Traders from certain countries, due to regulations and OFAC restrictions, cannot receive payouts or funding. These include Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and others.
  2. Balance Restrictions: Payout requests cannot drop an account below the minimum balance; account closure if below minimum.
  3. Payout Eligibility: Must meet safety net, trade days, and 40% consistency rule.
  4. Trade Days: A specific number of trade days is required for each payout cycle.
  5. Withdrawal Limits: Set withdrawal limits per cycle; no limits post-4th cycle.
  6. Audit Review: Trading activities are audited for compliance with terms; high-frequency trading, ‘scratch trades’, and manipulation of the SIM environment are prohibited.

What is the Elite Trader Funding profit share?

Elite Trader Funding offers traders a profit share where traders receive 100% of their first $12,500 earned and then 90% of any amount after that. This applies to the user, not per account.

What to know about taxes on ETF payouts?

For Elite Trader Funding (ETF) payouts, the key points regarding taxes are:

  1. Independent Contractor Status: Elite (qualified paid performance) traders are paid as independent contractors.
  2. Tax Documentation for US Citizens: US citizens are required to complete a W-9 form.
  3. 1099-NEC Form: A current mailing address must be maintained to receive a yearly 1099-NEC form, which is based on total payouts received.
  4. Tax Consultation Recommended: Traders are advised to consult with a qualified tax accountant for any further questions regarding their tax obligations.

does Elite Trader Funding apply withdrawal fees?

Elite Trader Funding itself does not apply withdrawal fees for payouts. However, if payouts are processed through the Rise platform, Rise does not mention specific transaction fees for contractors who receive payments. For companies, Rise charges either $50 per contractor per month or a commission of 3% on the payment volume, which includes a range of services.

Does Elite Trader Funding Pay Out?

Yes, Elite Trader Funding pays out to traders who meet specified performance criteria in simulated accounts, pass evaluations, and adhere to risk management and trading rules. Founded in 2022, Elite Trader Funding has gained the trust of many traders. The company processes withdrawals daily with Rise. On Trustpilot, Elite Trader Funding reviews have an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on more than 230 reviews, reflecting trader satisfaction and that Elite Trader Funding is trustworthy.

Verified Withdrawal Proofs from Elite Trader Funding Traders

There are a few actual proofs of Elite Trader Funding payouts, here is some proofs:

Does withdrawals modify Elite Trader Funding’s trading rules?

Withdrawals don’t directly modify the foundational trading rules, such as the allowed number of contracts or the mechanics of the trailing drawdown, within Elite Trader Funding’s trading rules. The key trading parameters are designed to ensure risk management and trading discipline are consistently upheld. However, the 40% rule around withdrawals promotes a balanced trading strategy, indirectly influencing trading behavior by requiring diversification of profit sources.