Daniel Martin Early Life and Personality

Daniel Bautista Martin is an accomplished professional trader and investigator who immigrated to London from Spain in 2000. Despite the challenges of speaking English and having dyslexia, Daniel was able to educate himself on trading through audiobooks. To support himself, his family, and his trading endeavors, he worked two full-time jobs. Despite facing discrimination from some companies due to his age and financial needs, Daniel persevered and achieved profitability after six years of trading. This milestone enabled him to focus solely on trading and provided financial stability for him and his family, allowing him to continue growing his knowledge of the markets.

Daniel Martin founded CTI (City Trader Imperium), a prop trading firm to support traders by providing education and resources. With his extensive trading experience, Daniel recognizes many traders’ challenges and is determined to help them overcome them.

His ultimate objective is to become a legendary trader remembered for his impact on the success of others. He has invested time and effort into studying the critical aspects of trading, such as psychology, money management, and technical analysis, to offer valuable guidance and resources to traders. By providing comprehensive education, expert advice, and funding opportunities, Daniel aims to transform the prop trading industry positively.

Daniel Martin Trading Journey

Daniel has always been interested in finance and trading. In 2011, he had the idea to start a trading company to become a better trader and help others improve their skills. In 2012, he teamed up with Martin Najat, and together they founded City Traders Imperium (CTI) in 2013, with Daniel serving as CEO. CTI was incorporated in 2018 and has continued to grow and help traders succeed.

CTI aims to identify and educate as many successful traders as possible, known as “golden traders.” The company plans to potentially transition into a hedge fund in the future, where the “golden traders” could earn at least 300,000. This hedge fund would be separate from the current company. CTI has been establishing a reputation as a proprietary firm for several years and has the potential to become a leading firm in the funded trading industry.

Daniel’s Trading Philosophy

Daniel Martin, as a trader, believes that control and discipline are essential for success in trading. Therefore, he incorporates activities like martial arts into his routine to cultivate these qualities. He believes that with power and discipline in one’s personal life, it would be easier to maintain control in trading, making it easier to become profitable.

According to Martin, the key to becoming profitable is following a set of rules that should emphasize psychological strategies. He acknowledges that trading can be stressful, but focusing on both the psychological and technical aspects of trading can help manage the stress and lead to success.

Martin founded City Traders Imperium (CTI), a proprietary firm that revolutionizes the industry by prioritizing psychology in its trading principles. CDI’s education and success focus 95% on psychology, 4% on money management, and 1% on other strategies, making it stand out from other funded traders. Martin’s unique perspective has led to his and CTI’s unparalleled success.

He stresses the importance of understanding one’s psychology and emotions in trading and caring for psychological well-being. Martin notes that some traders may need a deeper understanding of market mechanics to make money.

Daniel’s Trading Routine

Daniel Martin is a trader with a strict daily routine to ensure optimal performance. He wakes up early, meditates, takes a cold shower, and has a checklist of rules to follow before trading. He evaluates and reviews his trade performance, analyzes supply, demand, resistance, and support market levels, and checks his mindset throughout the day. As a reversal trader, Daniel looks for market volatility and stops trading at 9 PM.

Daniel reviews his performance regularly on Mondays and Sundays, monitoring news events and updates that may affect the market. Based on this, he focuses on trades with high risk-reward ratios and makes his trade selections for the week. He heavily trades on Tuesday and Thursday, with potential changes on Friday based on significant news events. On Friday, he reviews his weekly trades to identify improvement areas, with a goal of continuously improving by 1% each week.

Daniel has discovered that his trading style is based on Elliott wave movements and uses symmetrical triangles. Due to market opportunities, he has few trades these days, focusing mainly on continuations and reversals. Daniel advises traders to stick to one or two strategies and only switch if necessary to avoid confusion. He recommends a book that has changed his trading style and suggests that people study it carefully as it is in-depth. He dedicates Mondays and Sundays to reviewing his performance for the week.

City Trader Imperium; Overview

City Traders Imperium (CTI) is a financial trading firm that offers funding to qualified traders through its funded trader program. The company is based in the UK and operates as a trading platform and a learning institution where traders can access instructional resources, helpful trading systems, and powerful tools.

Through the CTI-funded trader program, traders of any nationality can improve their skills in generating profits, assessing risk, and managing money discipline. Although it is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the company operates within FCA guidelines and does not conduct any regulated activities.

To help traders avoid excessive losses, CTI has a 4% drop-down restriction and may support traders facing psychological or gambling-related issues. CTI aims to create a professional and formal trading environment that provides the best experience for its customers.

CTI Traders Selection Process

City Traders Imperium (CTI) provides a financial trading program for traders with a minimum trading experience of 6 to 12 months. If a trader needs more time, CTI may evaluate their situation and grant an extension. Traders are paid monthly and receive support from CTI.

CTI offers traders different opportunities, including the chance to trade with up to $4 million in capital and to choose from two different account types. In addition, the company prioritizes teaching traders their strategy and provides one-on-one psychological strengthening to help them become stable.

Daniel Martin, the founder of CTI, suggests traders only trade with the firm if they have sufficient knowledge and experience and advises against using demo accounts. The quality of the instructional content offered by CTI is a critical factor that sets it apart from other prop providers. The company provides in-depth courses and psychology sessions to help traders make more money and gain an edge in the market.


Daniel Martin, a trader, established City Trader Imperium with his partner after facing stress and challenges in making profits in the market. The company aims to educate and assist traders in enhancing their psychology, money management, and technical analysis skills.

Martin’s core trading philosophy is centered on discipline, control, and following set rules, which he considers critical for any trader seeking success. He also believes that by imparting his knowledge and skills to others, he will further sharpen his trading abilities. Trading can be challenging, but Martin emphasizes the importance of clearly focusing on the psychology and strategy involved in the process.

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