The Topstep-funded trading program allows traders to prove their skills in futures trading; once that is done, the firm makes trading capital available to such traders. The main criterion is to pass the Topstep Trading Combine challenge by choosing a specific account size and then meeting the profit target without clearly violating any rules the firm stated.

The rules are put in place to ensure that traders are disciplined and measured in their trading approach so that they can be positioned firmly to achieve success in the long run. Let us now examine why the Topstep funded trading program is one of the leading funded trading programs in the world and why it is the most suitable for you.

Topstep is the most trusted funded trading program

This is seen from the various positive reviews dropped about the program on Trustpilot. Several people attest that they have been funded while also complimenting the rules, contributing to making them better traders.

Many of the reviews also express appreciation for a chance to prove they can be successful traders while at the same time modifying their mindsets and approaches to trading to achieve more positive results.

Furthermore, existing in the market since 2012 adds further credibility because if they are not trustworthy, there is a likelihood that they would not have lived for this long in the market. That is a decade’s experience providing traders with the capital to trade in the futures market.

Topstep has a great profit split

The profit split at Topstep is incredible, as it is structured to favor funded traders. For the first $5,000 profits made by traders, they will get 100% of the profits when they withdraw from Topstep. The subsequent profits are then shared in a 90/10 format, with the trader getting 90%, while the firm retains 10% of the profit requested for withdrawal.

Free coaching available

Free coaching is available to traders registered under the Topstep-funded trading program, with relevant information being made accessible to traders which they can benefit from. Free coaching is a guideline to enhance the chances of a trader maintaining consistency and becoming successful in the long term.

You can be funded in a few days

It is possible to complete the trading combine challenge within ten trading days or even less and get funded immediately once you provide the necessary documents.

The trading combine challenge comprises two steps, with Step 1 having a minimum of 5 trading days to complete, after which you can move on to the next step. 

Step 2 does not have a minimum number of days because the key here is to respect the consistency rule, which revolves around the Consistency Target and states that a trader’s Best Day or biggest winning day must be less than 40% of total profits made for a particular trading period.

The minimum number of trading days is necessary to prove their consistency to themselves and the firm since both parties will have sufficient information for evaluating and understanding the trading strategy employed by the trader. Also, the trader can test their technique in various market conditions.

The consistency target is responsible for measuring the ability of traders to balance risk management and making steady profits while also helping traders to adopt the mindset of a professional trader.

You can trade with any platform you want

You are free to trade with any platform you want from the list of platforms recommended by Topstep. The platforms are TradingView, with the data feed provided via CQG. NinjaTrader, with the data feed provided via Rithmic, and TSTrader (powered by Tradovate), with the data feed supplied via CQG.

According to this Topstep allowed platforms list, you can choose any platform.

Great price with 20% off

Traders can choose from three different account sizes depending on their budget and trading style. The price selection is excellent and provides solid value relative to the account size, while traders can get 20% off with this link.

Funding guarantee when you win the challenge

Topstep is one of the few firms in the industry’s trading funding sector that gives traders live accounts as long as they pass the evaluation process. There are no extra tests or reviews after that. All traders must do is complete Steps 1 and 2 of the trading combine challenge, and they will get access to the live account.

The entire process is transparent, and as long as you adhere to the rules and win the challenge, nothing will stop you from getting a Topstep Funded Account.

No risk involved

There is no risk involved since you are not trading with your money but rather with funds from the firm. And unlike some funded trading programs that mandate traders to pay back their losses or even threaten to disqualify them from the program once they are unsuccessful, it is different at Topstep. The firm gives traders enough wiggle room because there is an understanding that learning and progress take time. As long as traders are ready to work and learn, they will be given space to grow and achieve the desired success.

Fast and friendly support

Topstep prides itself on providing fast, reliable, and friendly support to its clients because it understands that traders may encounter challenges and might need help navigating them. This is why there is an excellent support team in place that traders can rely on to be there for them every step of their journey.

The average response time to inquiries is one business day, often faster than that. Support is also offered in two other languages: Russian and Spanish.

Free trial available

If you are still wondering about the integrity of the Topstep funded trading program, the firm makes a trial account available, and it is free. However, it is only available for 14 days on the firm’s TSTrader platform and is not eligible for funding. Even if you break a rule, you only need to wait till the next trading day before you continue trading on the account.

Due to CME regulations, the free trial account cannot be extended beyond 14 calendar days from when a trader signs up. In addition, the firm cannot offer a second trial account, so you must utilize it immediately once you sign up.

The Topstep free trial will give you an idea of what to expect in the trading combine and the funded account when you eventually win one.