Michael Patak: Founder of Topstep

Michael Patak - Founder of Topstep

The Early life of Michael Patak Michael Patak was born in the southwest suburbs of Omaha, Nebraska, United States. In this town, He baled hay for a feedlot, attended cattle auctions, delivered newspapers, mowed lawns, painted house addresses on curbs for money, and otherwise demonstrated all the characteristics of a future entrepreneur. As a working … Read more

Bulenox Scaling Plan Explained: Full Guide

Bulenox Scaling Plan

What does a Scaling Plan mean? In the world of prop firms, there are two separate definitions of a scaling plan. The first definition revolves around gaining access to more funds as the trader keeps making progress. The second definition focuses on gaining access to more contracts once the trader achieves a specific profit target. … Read more

Why is my Apex account reset?

apex auto reset explained

Since 5/1/22, the traders at the Apex prop firm program saw a slight change in their trading challenges. They found that sometimes the challenge account reset itself automatically without any previous action and totally for free. So why did the apex account reset? And how can I benefit from that? Why is my apex account … Read more

Jody Dahl: Leeloo Trading Founder

Jody Dahl-Founder of Leeloo Trading

Early life and personality Jody Dahl was born in Roundup, Montana, to a family where hard work and dedication matter, so it is no surprise that Jody Dahl is such a hard worker. Jody Dahl is a role model for many young girls and women who want to pursue their dreams, build the lifestyle they … Read more

Trade Career Path By earn2Trade: A full review and guide

Trade Career Path by Earn2Trade

Trade Career Path Explained What is Trade Career Path? Trade Career Path is a special funded trading program that was recently introduced by Earn2Trade, to help traders have a springboard to launch their trading career. It is designed in such a way that the trader has a sense of progression, and the pace of the … Read more

APEX Trader Funding: Your Ultimate Guide

APEX Trader Funding explained guide

What is Apex Trader Funding? Apex Trader Funding is a proprietary trading that provides traders with funds to trade futures, as the company is interested in helping traders trade profitably and responsibly. Since the company is a community of traders, there is an innate understanding of the challenges traders face, especially regarding getting funds to … Read more

Topstep VS Apex Trader Funding

Topstep vs Apex Trader Funding

Apex and Topstep are two prop firms that operate funded trading programs. They allow traders to win a funded account that can be used to trade the financial markets. The market focused on by Apex Trader Funding and Topstep is the futures market. Before we go any further, let us examine what a funded trading … Read more