Who is Darrell Martin: Founder of Apex Trading Funder

Darrell Martin-Founder of Apex Trading Funder

Darrell Martin is a professional trader and the founder of ApexInvesting.com and Apex Trader Funding. Apexinvesting is a trading community with more than 30,000 traders in more than 150 countries. The expert trader is respected in the community because of his innovations and active participation in simplifying trading. What is Martin’s background as a trader? … Read more

Bulenox Master Account: The Funded Account

Bulenox Master Account - Funded Account

Now that you have finally passed your challenge and achieved the objective on the qualification account, the appropriate question is, what’s next? the answer is that traders will get a funded account called the Bulenox Master Account; This account has slightly different rules from the qualification account. Before we mention all the rules, let’s set … Read more

City Traders Imperium (CTI) Funded Trading Program for forex traders

City Traders Imperium CTI Tips info review

WHAT IS City Traders Imperium? City Traders Imperium or CTI is a prop trading firm that provides funding to selected traders through its funded trader program. It is also an educational company that operates an online educational trading community where useful trading tools and educational materials are made available to traders within that community. What … Read more

11 reasons to choose Apex funded trading program

APEX benefits the best choice

Apex trader funding is a program designed to identify skillful traders in futures trading and provide them with the requisite trading capital and other trading tools needed to succeed. Let us now examine some of the reasons that make Apex trader funding the best-funded trading program for traders. Apex has Only one step challenge to … Read more

FTMO VS Old Topstep Forex: Which is the best?

FTMO vs TopStep Forex best choice

This article was written when the Topstep Forex program was still running, but since April 2022, Topstep has said Goodbye to Forex markets and invited their Forex community to join the Futures program. Why did Topstep shut down the Forex program? Most members of the Topstep team are Futures traders, and it becomes harder for … Read more

Uprofit Trading Challenge: Account Unique Rules

Uprofit $200k Premium Trading Challenge

Uprofit provides four account sizes for traders that want to start their first challenge in funded trading programs. These account sizes are: This article will entirely focus on every funded trading challenge. The Uprofit prop firm offers challenges for Futures traders only; They allow you to trade up to 20 contracts. Overview of the Uprofit … Read more

The5ers Funded Trading Program For Forex Traders

THE5ERS funded trading program tips

WHAT IS THE5%ERS? The5%ers is a funding and growing trading company that provides traders with an opportunity to have access to a funded account to trade the forex market. The company was established in the year 2016 and it is based in Israel with a branch office in the United Kingdom. The5%ers make fully-funded forex … Read more